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At Hartley, we believe it is imperative for students to gain not only knowledge in high school but also real world skills to be successful. We expect students to use their education and make an impact.

House Leadership was part of the transformation of our school leadership program 13 years ago when the House System was implemented at Bishop Hartley. Changing from a Student Government model, House Leadership is now hands on and fully active in the daily life of the school and has increased the amount of leadership roles we have in the school. Our House Leadership is important to fostering the school community and culture by building school and House spirit. Our leaders are tasked with developing student relationships, House activities and all school activities. Our House System is engrained into the fabric of our school and reaches beyond house time with faith, service, and community activities our leaders plan and coordinate.

House System Leadership typically includes:

  • School Captains: Seniors, 1 per House, elected by peers and selected by House Deans and Administration
  • House Captains: Seniors and Juniors, 7 per house, 1 per mentor group + 1 overall leader, elected by peers and selected by House Dean
  • Mentor Group Captains: 1 per mentor group, selected by Mentor Group Teacher
  • Sophomore Leadership Team: Apply during Freshman year and work with House Deans to coordinate activities and display cases

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