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Student Services

Bishop Hartley’s Student Services Program takes a holistic approach to help support all students in our building with their individual needs. Our program is divided into three departments: student health, educational services, and spiritual formation.

Our 17-member student services team meets once a week to discuss students receiving services to ensure they are receiving all the support and assistance they may need. The team also reviews any other students who may need support from one of our departments and creates an action plan to help support the students' needs. Students are able to receive services from multiple departments to assure their success at Hartley and in the future.


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  • Student Health & Safety

    Our Student Health Department consists of a school nurse for physical health, a full-time clinical psychologist who assists students with their mental health, and our Dean of Students and School Safety Director to support behavioral health.

    Our School Nurse works to promote a healthy school environment for both students and staff at Bishop Hartley. The school nurse supports student learning by addressing health concerns that are affecting the student’s ability to learn. The nurse works with the student support team to develop and carry out interventions, make recommendations, and refers individuals to the appropriate resources. In collaboration with the student, parent, and support team the nurse evaluates the effectiveness of planned strategies and makes modifications as needed.

    The Clinical Psychologist provides mental health services including prevention and treatment for a student facing, or at risk of facing, emotional and behavioral difficulties. Our psychologist practices from evidence based approaches, including, but not limited to cognitive behavioral therapy and implements psycho-education services to promote the psychological well-being of all students. The Clinical Psychologist works with the support team to address immediate student needs and makes referrals and recommendations to the team regarding student concerns.

    The Dean of Students and School Safety Director work with the support team to make sure that every student in our building feels safe, allowing them to perform to their highest potential.

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  • Spiritual Formation

    Our Spiritual Formation Department consists of our Campus Minister and our School Co-Chaplains. They work together with staff and students to help guide everyone at Bishop Hartley to develop spiritually and grow in faith.

    The Campus Minister is a resource provided for students to live and explore their faith. The campus minister works closely with students to foster their relationship with Christ by guiding them in class retreats as well as one-on-one counseling regarding spiritual guidance. The Campus Minister works closely with the support team to stay informed about current student concerns and monitor students' experiences during retreats and spiritual life events.

    Bishop Hartley's Co-Chaplains are represented on the student services team as a resource to inform and encourage students to live and explore their faith. The Chaplain also provides supports to the students to foster their relationship with Christ and to assist students in their spiritual journey.

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  • Educational Services

    Our Educational Services Department consists of three school counselors, a full time school psychologist, two Title I tutors, a test preparation tutor, and two intervention specialists. All members of the team closely work together to provide support for each student.

    The Notre Dame Program is made up of three intervention specialists. The staff coordinates support for students on a Services Plan, Academic Support Plan, and/or Medical Plan. The Notre Dame team tracks student progress, assists teachers in addressing specific needs in the classroom, provides accommodations, and communicates with parents. All members individually support each student part of the program, to ensure their success at Bishop Hartley. Notre Dame tutors inform the Support Team of progress of current students with a diagnosis and review the opportunities available for students to receive the proper accommodations in the educational setting. Learn more about the Notre Dame Program.

    The Title 1 staff uses pre-assessments, standardized test scores and recommendations to develop a student plan for students needing support in reading and math. The staff implements the student plans to support students in their reading and math development. The team works closely with classroom teachers to develop lessons in reading and/or math, uses instructional strategies to deliver the lessons, tracks student progress and communicates with parents and the student support team.

    The School Counseling program is structured to serve students in an academic, social, emotional and vocational capacity. The counselors meet one-on-one with students to discuss strategies for becoming more successful in our academic environment and beyond. Each school counselor advocates for their students to ensure the student’s individual needs are being met during the school day and procedures are set in place for them to feel secure about their educational experience. The school counselors collaborate with the support team to create action plans uniquely formulated to meet the needs of each individual student.

    The test preparation component of Educational Services performs two primary functions in the areas of enrichment and intervention. Each fall, we identify students whose sophomore test scores indicate that they might reach the qualification level for National Merit Scholarship recognition. These and other interested students are invited to a series of review sessions which go over the PSAT/NMSQT test format as well as testing techniques and basic content. In addition, in the fall and spring, students who are taking or retaking the ACT may participate in review sessions geared toward that test. These reviews are designed to improve student scores for college admission. All review sessions are optional for students and are provided at no charge.

    Our School Psychologist conducts psycho-educational testing to determine whether a student qualifies as having an educational disability. The school psychologist works closely with all members of the support team to determine eligibility as well as provide guidance on possible diagnosis pathways. The psychologist also provides individual and group counseling to students, and helps to refer to appropriate agencies if the student has or is suspected of having diagnosed mental health conditions.

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