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Healthcare Services for Diocesan High School Students
St Mary's School in German Village has a Children's Hospital Clinic on the school grounds. Our students are able to utilize their services. Linked to the right is a form to complete and a number to call to get an appointment. If your son or daughter needs a physical or needs to get caught up on their immunizations, they can be scheduled at this clinic.

An important message for all parents of students who will be seniors: 
All students entering the twelfth grade are required by state law to be fully immunized against Meningitis. To be fully immunized students must have two doses of the vaccine, but if a dose is received on or after the sixteenth birthday, only one dose is required. If you have questions or if you are unsure if your student has been fully immunized, contact me or your health care provider. 
Documentation verifying that the immunization has been given is required for school attendance and must be submitted to the school nurse prior to entering the twelfth grade. 

Thank you for your prompt attention to this important health matter. 

Contact Information: 

Greer Edwards, BSN, RN, LSN
(614)237-5421, extension 10629