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The six Houses in the system are named after now-closed, historical Catholic schools in and around Columbus to honor their legacy. Aquinas House is named after Aquinas College High School, staffed by the Dominican Order. Rosary House is named for Holy Rosary Roman Catholic High School and Parish. Sacred Heart House is named for the Sacred Heart School and Parish, offering grades 1–12 and staffed by Dominican Sisters. The Springs House is named for St. Mary’s of the Springs, an academy for young women in the late 1800’s before it moved to Columbus, and eventually became Ohio Dominican University. Our Lady of Victory House is named after the former school and current church in downtown Columbus. Wehrle House is named after Father Wehrle High School on the Southside of Columbus.

Read more about each of our Houses below.
The House System ensures all students have a support system, healthy peer relationships, people to turn to with questions, great adult role models, and a place to be themselves.

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  • Aquinas House

    Aquinas House is amazing in their spirit and participation in big events. Every student participates each year in both the Christmas Carol competition and Glee, and we have a heavy showing for the Tug of War activities in the House Olympics.
    Patron: St. Thomas Aquinas
    Colors: Green & Gold
    Mascot: Alligators
    Latin Motto: Lux Penetret Tenebras – Let light penetrate the darkness
    House Cup Championships: 2015, 2024
    Dean: Liz Collette
  • Rosary House

    Pride and passion this house embodies in all that they do, as evidenced by the House Cup record.
    Patron: St. Dominic
    Colors: Maroon & Gray
    Latin Motto: Intellectu et Fide – By Intellect and Faith
    Motto: Intellectu et Fide—“Intellect and Faith"
    House Cup Championships: 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021
    Dean: Liz Rudy
  • Sacred Heart

    Sacred Heart is the House of love and inclusive artistic abilities!
    Patron: St. Margaret Mary Alacoque
    Colors: Red & White
    Mascot: Lion
    Latin Motto: Virtus et Amor – Courage and Love
    House Cup Championships: 2012
    Dean: Brad Burchfield
  • The Springs

    The Springs House brings creative spirit, with individual and group identity flourishing.
    Patron: St. Catherine of Siena
    Colors: Mediterrean Blue & Syracuse Orange
    Mascot: The first building burnt down, but the Sisters were able to start again—rising from the ashes, which is why our mascot is the Phoenix.
    Latin Motto: Fontes fluent amore Dei—The Springs flow with the love of God.
    House Cup Championships: 2014
    Dean: Bob Toy
  • Victory House

    Victory House demonstrates passion, spirit, unity and faith by bringing a fierce competitive spirit and unity, with each mentor group offering a unique dynamic just as each Viking kingdom would!
    Patron: Our Lady of Victory, represented by Mother Mary
    Colors: Navy & White
    Mascot: Viking Warrior
    Motto: Ubi Concordia ibi Victoria—"Where there is unity, there is victory!"
    House Cup Championships: 2011, 2013, 2016
    Dean: Sam Agra
  • Wehrle House

    Wehrle House has created a unique bond over the past decade allowing all students to use their special talents to earn their first House Cup in 2020. 
    Patron: St. Anne
    Colors: Orange & Green
    Mascot: Wolverine
    Latin Motto: Ad stellas honore pro maiorem gloriam dei – To the stars with honor for the greater glory of God
    House Cup Championships: 2020
    Dean: Cara Rezabek