A Bishop Hartley Education

Offering a College Preparatory Curriculum

Bishop Hartley High School is a Roman Catholic secondary school in the Diocese of Columbus. We celebrate the sacred liturgy of the Eucharist monthly as a school. All students attend the liturgies and are encouraged to participate. Our non-Catholic students attend along with our Catholic students. 

Bishop Hartley offers a college preparatory curriculum based on the State of Ohio learning curriculum and Catholic teaching; our graduation requirements meet and exceed state standards.

Preparing for the Future

We prepare our students for the future by teaching them to be critical thinkers, problem solvers, and technologically literate individuals. With a 100% college acceptance rate, each year, 99 percent of our students go on to two- or four-year colleges.

The Class of 2024 earned $26.18 million in academic and merit-based scholarships. Over the last six years, our graduating classes from Bishop Hartley High School have collectively earned more than $137 million to post-secondary educational institutions. 
The ratio of students to teachers is approximately 14:1 and the ratio of students to counselors is approximately 252:1.

As a Catholic school of Faith, Preparation, Community, Service, Spirit, and Leadership, we believe:

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  • Jesus Christ and the Gospel message are central to all phases of the learning process

  • Our community recognizes, appreciates, and celebrates diversity, while discovering shared values that bind us together

  • Our holistic school experience teaches students to be servant leaders and thoughtful mentors

  • Our rigorous college preparatory environment cultivates a growth mindset, creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills

  • Our school creates a culture that enables students to build relationships that are lifegiving and lifelong

  • Our students, upon graduation, are prepared to meet the opportunities and challenges of the future by making informed, ethical, and moral decisions as faithful citizens