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Ways to Give

When members of our community speak about Hartley, family is one of the first words and a common theme. Our Hartley family—faculty and staff, students, alumni, families, community, and friends of Hartley—are the deep-rooted foundation of our family tree. With support from these roots, we continue to grow; we enroll dynamic young people, year after year, generation after generation, growing branches on our Hartley Family Tree.

Bishop Hartley High School offers a number of ways for community, families, alumni, and others to give back. These include the Hartley Annual Fund, Endowment Funds, and Capital Vision.


Hartley Annual Fund

The Hartley Annual Fund is our annual unrestricted fund, which supports:

  • Award merit-based scholarships for incoming freshmen
  • Needs-based tuition assistance

Emmaus Road Scholarship Fund

This unique opportunity allows individuals to redirect a portion of their state tax obligation to Bishop Hartley. These funds qualify for dollar-for-dollar tax credits and become critical tuition aid for students with verified financial need.


Endowment Funds

An Endowment Fund is a steady source of annual income and earns a market rate of return. Endowment funds generate a consistent flow of income year after year, to build future income. Giving to an endowment fund is an excellent way for those wishing to provide a long-term investment for our school and students.


Capital Vision Gifts

Capital Vision Gifts are restricted donations used to finance the new buildings projects, construction or renovations of Hartley school facilities.

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