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Capital Gifts

Capital Gifts are restricted donations used to finance new buildings projects, construction or renovations of Hartley school facilities.

We know that a safe, comfortable, and clean environment is paramount to the educational experience. We continue to renovate and build to offer one of the most up-to-date learning facilities in Central Ohio. Every space on the Hartley campus has been rebuilt, renovated, or created anew with enhancements, nearly every year. From the centerpiece Chapel that serves both literally and figuratively as the heart of our school, to the renovated main office, gymnasium, and cafeteria, the public areas of the school provide a warm and welcoming environment for the entire Hartley community.

Most recently, Capital Vision funding has supported the development of the new multi-purpose school and athletic facility. The Telerski and Casson Center (TACC) provides our school with additional space, utilizing space to our fullest capacity and expanding educational programs for our Bishop Hartley community. The TACC is used for current and future Hawk students as a Visual & Performing Arts center, auxiliary gym, campus ministry and House System event center, and offers a state-of-the-art weight room.

If you are interested in learning about making a gift to Bishop Hartley for a specific capital project, please contact Director of Development, Brian Igel, at bigel@cdeducation.org.


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