House Parent Organization (HPO)



The House Parent Organization (HPO) provides parents with many opportunities to be an active member of the Hartley Family. The mission of the HPO is to foster parent participation through communication and a sense of belonging while advancing the spirit of the six pillars that are the foundation of Bishop Hartley High School.  Just as every student is in the House System, every parent is a member of the House Parent Organization. The HPO is similar in some ways to a home and school association, but it is more dynamic than the traditional parent group. The HPO provides parents with any opportunity to be an active member of the Hartley Family.  You will receive information – and are invited to attend – the events sponsored by the HPO. The events are determined and organized by the HPO Leadership Committee. Our current HPO President is Becky Smith. You can contact her at


A variety of events will be held throughout the year as part of the House Parent Organization’s mission to support BHHS.  Last year, the HPO hosted and/or supported more than 10 events for students and their families.  As events near, we will post links to SignUp Genius sites where you can volunteer to help! This year’s remaining events include:

  • Teacher Appreciation Breakfast – January 30, 2019
  • Style Show – February 23, 2019
  • Parent Night Mixer – TBD
  • Senior Breakfast – May 31, 2019
  • Baccalaureate Reception – May 31, 2019

Parent involvement in the House Parent Organization (HPO) is an important component of the House System at Hartley. Just like every student is a member of a House, every parent is a member of the House Parent Organization. The HPO is looking for parents and guardians who are interested in leading or assisting with the exciting and fun events supported by the HPO. With the help of Sign-Up Genius, getting involved is easier than ever. The HPO posts lists of volunteer opportunities and they will be posted here when they are available. For more information about the HPO, please contact Becky Smith at Additionally, you can help with one of the following:

  • Evangelization Committee:  The school has set a goal to increase the education of your families and improve the dialogue on our faith and is looking for parents who would be willing to lead select sessions or faith study groups.
  • Feeder School Reps: HPO would like at least one parent from each feeder school to help communicate information about Hawks2Be and HPO events.