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Campus Ministry

As a Roman Catholic High School, Bishop Hartley is committed to enriching our students with the fullness of our Catholic traditions through intellectual growth, personal and community prayer, the celebration of the sacraments of the Eucharist and Reconciliation, and yearly retreats and service.

"Jesus Christ and the Gospel message are central to all phases of the learning process."

Campus Ministry Text

The goal of the Campus Ministry Program at Bishop Hartley High School is to promote a culture in which members of the Hartley family

  • are led to follow Christ more closely,
  • make God known, loved, and served,
  • ensure God is celebrated throughout our community, and
  • are provided with support and guidance through life’s triumphs and tribulations.

The success of our program rests in our families and our parishes, as the formation of faith occurs first in the home and in the parish community.

The Campus Ministry Program is comprised of multiple parts which work together to provide a framework for school-wide faith formation activities as well as individual student support.  These include the St. Joseph Office of Pastoral Care, the House System, Class Retreats, School Liturgies, and our Guest Speaker Series.  The Campus Ministry program is an unfaltering resource for students as they continue to live and explore their faith.

Our program is also a resource for parents as they strive to live out their sacred role as prime educators of children in the faith. Our Campus Ministry program strongly encourages parents and students to maintain spiritual connection with the universal Church in active participation at the home parish. Faithful and constant celebration of the sacraments is essential to the spiritual life of individuals, families and communities.

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