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Our athletic teams provide our student athletes with an invaluable extension of the classroom.

"Our community recognizes, appreciates, and celebrates diversity, while discovering shared values that bind us together."


Bishop Hartley offers 22 varsity sports where life lessons can be learned during practices and games: lessons in teamwork, commitment, character, discipline, respect and persistence that enrich the lives of our students and prepare them for future success.

Our commitment to athletic excellence is not only reflected in the many state championships and league titles collected since 1957, but also through Hartley’s adherence to high standards of personal conduct and good sportsmanship on the part of our coaches, players and fans.

Please come and support our students and cheer on the Hawks. See our Athletic Calendar for a list of upcoming sporting events or call the Bishop Hartley Athletic Department at 614.237.5421.


Click here to access the MaxPreps website listings of all of our teams in every sport for boys and girls.  When fully populated, the MaxPreps site will supply all of the schedules, records, rosters, results and stats of most of our athletics during each season.

Once you click on a specific sport, you can also see information about previous seasons.

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