About Hartley

about-001At Bishop Hartley High School, we are proud of our history and tradition. Who are we? Students, parents, faculty, staff, coaches, alumni and friends—we are all Bishop Hartley.

The friendly face of a student in the hallway, the positive encouragement of a coach, the dedication of teachers, the helpful attitude of staff, the support of family, friends, and alumni—these are all part of what makes Bishop Hartley High School a place where every student can fit in and stand out.

Offering excellence in Catholic education, Bishop Hartley is founded on the principle of educating the entire person: body, mind and spirit. Our philosophy is that to ignore one of these at the expense of another is to deny an individual the ability to fully develop.

Our mission statement speaks to this philosophy: Built upon a Catholic tradition of excellence and based on the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, Bishop Hartley High School transforms lives through spiritual formation, rigorous academic preparation, and servant leadership.

These are not simply statements; they are fact. We invite you to explore further and find out more about our excellent academics, championship athletics, innovative House system, and robust extracurriculars.