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Mentor Groups are the heart of the House System.

Mentor Groups consist of 16-20 students from each grade level meeting with each other and a teacher daily. Each student is assigned a House and then a Mentor Group upon entering our school and they will remain with that school until graduation. The purpose of Mentor Groups is to foster relationships across grade levels and with a teacher who will see you consistently throughout your time at Bishop Hartley; moreover, upperclassmen mentor underclassmen. Lastly, each group has leaders to help guide the year's activities and group.

Additional details about Mentor Groups:

  • Students experience consistency meeting with the same group and teacher throughout their high school career.
  • Every student is taken care of through the Mentor Group meeting multiple times each week
  • Mentor Groups typically take place between 3rd & 4th periods.
  • Mentor Groups are typically 12 or 36 minutes.
  • Types of Mentor Group activities include: Faith-Based, Community Building, House Spirit Development, Life Skills Preparation, Group Service, and Leadership Development.

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