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Student Safety

Student safety is of utmost importance at Bishop Hartley. As of September 9, 2019, Bishop Hartley High School has 719 students enrolled in grades 9-12. Making sure these students feel safe and are prepared for dangerous situations is a top priority.

Walter (Lee) Distelzweig (‘69), former Chief of Police for the city of Columbus and retired member of the Ohio Army National Guard is part of our Advancement Department. He has reviewed all of our safety procedures and, after research and consultation with experts, made adjustments and additions both in terms of procedures and equipment. “Chief” as he is known to all, is constantly researching and revising our plans based on the latest national best practices.

Constant Level 1 Lockdown - exterior doors are locked and visitors must be admitted through the main school doors.

3 Year Program for Faculty & Staff - training including scenarios of active shooters, levels 1, 2, and 3 lockdowns, and fire/tornado drills.

Safety Bags in All Classrooms - contain items such as bottled water, paper towels, medical gloves, peanut butter crackers (in case a diabetic student is in the room), and other items for lockdowns or situations of extended stay.

First Aid & A.E.D. Equipment - placed strategically throughout the building.

None of us want to think of the unthinkable, but in today’s world, we would be negligent if we ignored these issues. We are at the forefront of preparation while keeping in mind that, as in all matters, we must pray for the safety of all.

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