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It is through donations, both large and small, that we are able to provide excellence in Catholic education, shape the next generation, and transform the lives of our students.

Hartley continues to believe in the importance of our mission of transforming lives through the teachings of Jesus Christ within the Catholic tradition and remain true to the principle of educating the entire person: mind, body, and spirit.

Support from our community is critical in helping students experience a quality Catholic education. We remain humbled by the amazing community and donors who love and support our school and students.

Giving to Bishop Hartley is an opportunity to transform the lives of our current students as well as future generations of proud Hawks. Your gift provides students with the opportunity to receive a Catholic education fulfilling the 4 for 40 promise at Hartley. This is a promise we make to every Hartley student: Give us four years of quality effort and determination, and we will holistically prepare you for the next 40 years.

We appreciate your support of Bishop Hartley and are so grateful for your generosity.

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