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Leadership Team

The House System has a group of 14 top students within our school community for this coming school year. The gifts and talents that each possess and the ingenuity, passion, and concern they have for Bishop Hartley is so life-giving and inspiring.

School Captains

School Captains work towards creating the culture at Bishop Hartley High School. This team of students works with administration, faculty, and students to communicate the mission of transforming lives through the teachings of Jesus Christ within the Catholic Tradition.

School Culture

School Culture: Incorporate the Cultural Humility initiative within the School Culture. Working with administration and students to grow in our understanding of humility and cultural understanding.

School Culture Leaders: Betale Getahun and Madison Griffin

Mentoring Initiative

Mentoring Initiative: Implements a new program of having seniors mentor freshmen throughout the school year. Incorporate buddy system within mentor groups and during Freshmen orientation days.

Mentoring Initiative Leaders: Riley Fitzpatrick & Lindi Sweeney

House Spirit

House Spirit: Encourage the growth of House Spirit and fun activities. Allow for ideas to be organized in a way that Houses can incorporate a sense of identity and spirit throughout House System. Especially focusing in activities and spirit during Homecoming week and Catholic Schools Week.

House Spirit Leaders: Emma Sawyer

Inner House Initiative

Inner House Initiative: Incorporate organization of Inner House competitions and community building activities so that the sense of House Identity.

Inner House Initiative Leaders: Henry Riesbeck

Service Engagement and Reflection

Service Engagement and Reflection: Encourages participation in service by having time for students to reflect and share about what they have done for service – to allow for more ideas and more meaningful experiences of service among the student body.

Service Engagement and Reflection Leader: Sidney Waihenya

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