House Standings

House Cup Results:  2018-19 results will be posted as the various competitions and events occur.  

House Latest Competition Points Total Points to Date Current Standings
Aquinas 2 39 2
Rosary 4 47 1
Sacred Heart 6 37 3 (tie)
Springs 1 37 3 (tie)
Victory 5 33 5
Wehrle 3 32 6

Individual Competition Results by Quarter:


House Day #1 Results

Congratulations to Rosary House for earning 6 points on house day #1.  The House Day was a fall extravaganza with pumpkin painting, a halloween puzzle, zoom-in game, a race to witch mountain, bobbing for apples and faculty vs student dodgeball game.

The Results:
Rosary 6 points
Springs 5 points
Sacred Heart 4 points
Aquinas 3 points
Wehrle 2 points
Victory 1 points

Display Cases

Our first two house display cases showcased our freshmen and honored our first house captains.

The Results:
Rosary 6 points
Springs 6 points
Sacred Heart 6 points
Aquinas 6 points
Victory 6 points
Wehrle 5 points


Christmas Carol Competition

Congratulations to Sacred Heart for winning the Christmas Carol Competition. Victory came in second followed by Rosary, Wehrle, Aquinas and Springs. There have been several points updates over the second quarter. The house with the best GPA for the 1st quarter is the Springs, the best conduct Victory, and the most service is Rosary. Aquinas had the best attendance at the fall marquee nights and the house tailgate. The updated standings are at the top of the page.