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Faith Foundation

faith-001As a Roman Catholic High School, Bishop Hartley is committed to enriching our students with the fullness of our Church traditions through intellectual growth, personal and community prayer, the celebration of the liturgy and Sacraments of the Eucharist and Reconciliation, yearly retreats, and service.

We infuse Gospel values across the curriculum through activities, discussions and, just as importantly, a faculty and staff who serve as faith models every day.  Recognizing the challenges of the teen years, our Campus Ministry program includes the St. Joseph Office of Pastoral Care. At its very essence, pastoral care focuses upon guiding, supporting, nurturing, healing and empowering individuals. Our program is designed to ensure no student ever has to walk alone during the times which he or she most needs a friend.

Our guest speaker series complements our classroom curriculum, reinforces our values, and follows our belief statements. We bring in speakers from around the country and state to speak to real world issues and discuss timely topics. Recent speakers have addressed issues such as the death penalty, poverty, Respect Life issues, and the concept of “just war.”

Day-long and multi-day retreats provide opportunities for additional spiritual growth. We highly value the class retreats, requiring all students to participate in the annual retreat with students in their grade level. Participation offers immeasurable benefits to the students and strengthens relationships with their peers and faculty.

Our faith formation efforts are not just top down—from adults to students. Students are encouraged to take an active role in their faith formation and in support of their peers. We have an outstanding variety of Campus Ministry opportunities for students including liturgical ministry, retreat leadership, vocation awareness ministry, service learning, peer ministry, House Chaplain positions, and the Hawks who Pray Club.

As a school of faith, we believe that striving for personal excellence is a spiritual goal, a call to holiness, and a response to God’s blessing.

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