Capital Vision


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Since 1999, virtually every space on the Hartley campus has been rebuilt, renovated, or created anew. From the centerpiece Chapel that serves both literally and figuratively as the heart of our school, to the renovated Main Office, gymnasium, and cafeteria, the public areas of the school provide a warm and welcoming environment for visitors, parents and students.

Our academic facilities enhancements have a new Science wing, remodeled classrooms, expansive and renovated Library/Resource Center, and a dedicated Art wing demonstrate our commitment to strong purposeful educational spaces which support classroom technology and provide space for our growing enrollment.

The exterior spaces of the school include a new athletic stadium with new turf, enhanced practice areas, press box, concessions, and restrooms. The new North parking lot supports our student safety plan by providing safe, off-street parking.


As we move forward continuing to deliver the best quality Catholic education in Central Ohio, we look at what matters most: the safety of our student body, and the ability to create more opportunity for growth. This Vision campaign will enable us to do both while providing the means to utilize current facilities in more efficient and diverse ways. Our first goal is to expand the entrance to the Dick Geyer Gymnasium, creating a safe haven for our students before and after school in a student commons area. This project will also allow us to utilize existing rooms and facilities in a more efficient way.

  • Tutoring and study table
  • Reception and concession area
  • House System group meeting area
  • Museum or display of Hartley history

Our second goal is to build an auxiliary gymnasium. Again, this will give us the opportunity to use our existing facilities more effectively and allow for greater opportunities for indoor expansion of our current facilities.

  • Moving Bingo to the auxiliary gym limits access to the main school building.
  • Provides on-campus retreat center
  • New State-of-the-art weight room
  • Feeder school athletic programs utilization
  • House System group meeting area

These two important enhancements not only provide additional space, but enable us to utilize existing space to its full capacity. Currently, some of our athletic teams practice until 9:30 pm; this would be eliminated allowing for all teams to end practices no later than 7pm. We would gain access to our Main Gym on Tuesdays by moving Bingo to the fieldhouse, thereby enabling us to host more feeder school events. Our Scholars reception, Ambassadors Program, and Evening of Excellence would utilize the student commons area to its full potential.

You are invited to pledge to this important campaign for Bishop Hartley High School. Please prayfully consider making a gift and set your sights high. We invite you to amaze yourself with the amount you pledge.

If you want to have a deeper discussion about your gift, please contact Director of Development Tiffiney Hatem at 614.237.5421 or

Your contribution will enable Bishop Hartley to continue to provide our students an environment predicated on faith where students can explore their relationship with God.
Your contribution will enable Bishop Hartley to provide an environment of academic success as well as a social environment where students can fit in and stand out—where both community and individuality are honored.
Your contribution will help Bishop Hartley continue to ensure “In every House a Home, and in every Home a Hawk.”
Your contribution will help Bishop Hartley continue to instill in our student athletes the drive to be successful, the desire to excel, the tools for good sportsmanship, the passion to meet team goals, and the understanding that more important than victory is effort, and at the center of effort is courage in sports and in life.
Your contribution will help Bishop Hartley continue to cultivate students’ creative talents and personal interests through our Arts and Extracurricular programs. We will continue to provide a host of varied courses and activities under the guidance of experienced teachers and advisers.
Your contribution will help Bishop Hartley to encourage our alumni base to get involved and support the next generation of Hartley Hawks.
Your contribution will help Bishop Hartley to continue to provide a loving, caring, and safe environment with a well-planned infrastructure that supports student needs.