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Ski Club

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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

Hartley’s skiers and snowboarders love the snow but Ohio’s weather can sometimes be severe.  To stay up to date on breaking news or important ski club information such as delays and trip cancellations be sure to follow @hartleyskiclub on Twitter.  Ski club moderators can also post photos so be sure to check out the media archive for the account.

Ski Club General Information

Here you will find important information including key dates, prices, amounts, deadlines, discount codes, etc.

First, we have reserved charter bus transportation for 6 weeks beginning on Wed. Jan 9. The cost of the bus transportation for students is $85 person for the season. This is based on having approximately 45-50 students at this time in order to cover the season bus cost for trips to and from Snow Trails. In the unlikely event that student numbers drop, the remaining students will have to pay slightly more in order to fill the empty seats if we are unable to change to a smaller less expensive bus. The $85 is due ASAP to reserve your spot! We have a 47 passenger bus reserved and once the spots are filled we will be at capacity unless there are a large number of students who are still interested and then the possibility of a second bus can be explored. Please make checks payable to Bishop Hartley High School (memo- ski club and name of student). If paying by cash, please put it in an envelope and give to Mr. Triplett directly.

Second, all skier/boarder liability forms, waivers and ski pass packages need to be purchased and completed on line through the Snow Trails website (www.Snowtrails.com).  Please click on the (Purchasing Instructions) link ON THE BHHS SKI CLUB WEBSITE OR USE THE WEB ADDRESS ABOVE for detailed instructions and club/promotional rates.  Mr. Triplett does not do any ski pass purchasing for you. A bank/credit card is needed to complete your purchase online. Using the purchasing instruction directions, go on to the Snow Trails website and purchase the season pass that works best for you and follow the prompts. Be sure to select the group code (W-33 Bishop Hartley) from the pull down tab when purchasing your pass. With this, I can track who has purchased their pass and you will be registered with Bishop Hartley.  Once on the Snow Trails website you will need to click on “seasonal clubs” and then “club pass options” to begin the purchasing process.  The pass option descriptions are listed and then you will click on “buy now” to continue to the online purchasing.

Once on the website, follow the directions and menu sequence to select and add your items (season pass type and any add on) to your cart and when prompted select the group code below from the drop down bar to be registered with the Bishop Hartley ski club.   There are several packages to choose: with or without rentals, one day per week pass or unlimited and you can secure the lowest price by purchasing sooner rather than last minute. There is a link that also explains the types of passes.   Additionally, depending on your selected pass, you may take group lessons during the time our ski club makes the trip up. I highly recommend new skiers or boarders take advantage of this.

Using the code below (W33-Bishop Hartley) you will be able to register yourself with the Bishop Hartley group when you make your season pass purchase and receive the qualifying group rate depending on when your purchase you pass.  The earlier you purchase and register the greater your pass discount! Follow the PURCHASING PROCEDURE DIRECTIONS once within the Snow trails website above for purchasing your desired season pass online

Continuing, departure time on Wednesdays is approx 3:05 and return time is 10:30 p.m.. Please be aware of these times and make sure you are ready to load up and your ride is here to pick you up. In the event of rain or weather that may prevent a trip up, we will go up the next Wednesday until we have completed 5 weeks of trips.

Lastly, Emergency Medical Forms, Code of Conduct and Permission Form need to be submitted and returned to Mr. Triplett before Dec. 1. All other forms and passes you must complete and purchase though the Snowtrails website noted below. All forms can be printed from the Bishop Hartley ski club website and returned to Mr. Triplett.

Jeremiah Triplett
Group Code & Name: W33-Bishop Hartley HS


Click on these documents and return to Mr. Triplett.

EMERGENCY MEDICAL FORM (This form should have been completed by all families at the beginning of the school year. If you have not completed the form, the link above will take you to the Final Forms page).


Season Pass Buying Procedures and Club Rates

Departure and Return Home

3:05 p.m. & 10:30 p.m. Please have rides here ready to pick you up.

Student Eligibility

Eligibility Sheet. If your grades suffer from the late nights, you will need to manage your academics first.
In addition, you need to make it to school the following day despite being a bit tired.

Rental Lockers

Students may use the rental lockers to store their gear. Do not leave valuable items unattended or on the floor. Learn more at Snow Trails!

Frequently Asked Questions


“It’s my first time skiing or snowboarding and I am nervous or I am not sure if I want to do ski club because I do not know how to ski or board.”

No need to be nervous, you will have a great time! The process to get your tickets and equipment is easy and smooth. Its a great chance to learn a new skill that is lifelong and gives you chances to do something fun in the winter months. Also, if you signed up for lessons with your ski package, you will hear lesson times announced over the PA system explaining where to meet! Lesson packages are a great way to get some basic skills right out of the gate, they last 1 hour and you and your friends should take full advantage of the lessons!

“Do I need a helmet?”

A helmet is HIGHLY encouraged for everyone and if you plan on using the terrain park and hitting the featured elements you should have a helmet! Additionally, helmets are designed to look sleek, stylish and now it is the norm to have a helmet to protect your lid!

“Where do I put my gear when I come to school on Wednesday?”

You can put you equipment in the walkway/hallway just outside the athletic trainers room, the locker room or leave it in your vehicle during the school day.

“Where do we meet after school?”

We will all meet outside the gym doors and when the bus arrives @ 3:05 we will board, take attendance and depart at 3:15 sharp.

“What do I do with my stuff at Snow Trails?”

You can rent lockers for $1 at Snow Trails in the rental area, or in the main lodge next to the customer service area. You can also inquire to rent private lockers for the season if you anticipate friends or family going to snow trail a lot during the season. You will not have access to the bus to get items you leave on the bus.

“Where do we change our clothes?”

There are changing rooms in the rental areas.

“What do I do for food or drinks?”

Snow trails offers food service, vending and dining areas where you can purchase what you need. You can also pack your food and save money.

“Where do I get my lift ticket?”

Upon arrival, we will get a quick safety talk from ski patrol and then pass out the season pass you. You take your pass to the ticket window customer service window and get a lift ticket or you get your lift ticket at the rental building.

“I am excited to attempt tricks and use features in the terrain park…”

Be aware that conditions exist in the terrain park that should only be used by those with experience and the skill set. Do not attempt terrain park features with out the proper skill level and required helmet! NO INVERTED TRICKS ARE PERMITTED ….AKA UPSIDE DOWN OR FLIPS!

“How do I know when to get back on the bus?”

You will hear the PA system announce schools and loading times. Please listen for the call for Bishop Hartley ski club at 8:50, 8:55, and then final call approx 9:00pm

“I forgot my pass?”

You will need to go to customer service to be issued a lift ticket.

“What if I need to miss for school work loads, upcoming tests I must study for or if we are out of school?”

No problem, just let Mr. Triplett know in advance if possible and you can go up on you own during that week on another day or on the weekend depending on your season pass options.

Enjoy the season!


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