Campus Life

campus-01At Hartley we place an emphasis on the development of the whole person and are committed to ensuring every student has the chance to Fit In and Stand Out.  The high school years hit at a critical point in a student’s transition from childhood to young adulthood. Our campus life program is geared toward helping students become well-rounded young adults.

We want our students to be engaged in the world around them and to build healthy relationships with their peers. These are skills that will serve them well their whole lives– in college and in their careers. By giving students the opportunities, tools, and facilities they need to find their place and their people, we now have 100 percent of students involved in athletics, extracurriculars, and/or service.

At Hartley, we value the uniqueness of the individual and the diversity of our student body. We offer a robust menu of extracurricular organizations and athletic teams. We also provide a large number of stand-alone events and activities so students can explore their interests without limiting their exposure to only a small handful of activities.

We offer 18 extracurricular clubs, 11 male athletic programs, 14 female athletic programs, 10 House activities and more than 20 unique events. We ensure we have the facilities to support our academics including a multi-media lecture hall, faith formation including a beautiful Chapel and outdoor shrine, and athletics including state of the art fields, training rooms, and gymnasium.

The depth and variety of our campus life offerings does not dilute their excellence. Our championship athletics, award-winning extracurricular organizations and premier facilities ensure students will achieve academically, gain knowledge, experience personal growth, and surpass athletic goals. In short, our students build the foundations for their dreams.