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Volunteer Incentive Program

Our athletic department appreciates the hard work that our parent volunteers dedicate each and every year to their child’s sport. Our parent volunteers run the concession stands, operate the clock/scoreboard and run the ticket booth at games. Each family is required to volunteer at a minimum of three (3) events this year per sport that your child participates in order for us to operate events in a proper manner. Parents will be asked to work concessions, help out with event management (clock, scoreboard, chain gang, etc.) and various other volunteer activities. Our incentive program is designed to create a fair, balanced and systematic approach to organizing and managing events with a volunteer staff.

Volunteer Exemption Fee = $150. This fee may be paid by a family per sport if they are unable to volunteer at the minimum of three (3) events per sport. Once this fee is paid, this family’s name will be removed from the list of parents being asked to volunteer per sport.

At the end of each season, the athletic department will contact families who were unable to meet the minimum volunteer requirements. These families will automatically be charged the $150 Volunteer Exemption Fee.

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