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Academic Dean
Christopher Kowalski
(614)237-5421 ext. 10614

Visual & Performing Arts Department

Department Chair: Jennifer Douglas

We believe artistic exploration contributes to the development of the whole person.  Hartley’s Visual and Performing Arts Department provides opportunities for student’s to explore their talents and achieve a degree of artistic knowledge and aesthetic appreciation in both the visual and performing arts. We are committed to providing an environment and curriculum where students can flourish.

We offer a broad range of classes and experienced faculty. The curriculum is designed to both build a foundation of theory, fundamentals, history, and appreciation and help students build and grow their skills. Our robust curriculum offers choices for students who want to have an introduction to the arts as well as those who are interested in pursuing a career in visual or performing arts.

English Department

Department Chair: Juli Roberts

We encourage the development of each student’s individual potential through critical thinking, concise and clear writing, fluent and articulate speech, effective decision making, intellectual risk taking and total respect for all.

Hartley’s English Department’s courses are designed to build competencies in the areas of writing, reading, speaking and listening. But we are also committed to creating opportunities, experiences and activities that aid students in becoming effective users of print and non-print media. Literary and media works, selected for excellence in both style and content, promote spiritual and humanistic attitudes, appreciation for the beauty of words and thoughts, awareness and acceptance of a diversified society and skills within the realm of critical thinking.

Our curriculum is designed to improve student awareness of the important role that the English language and its literature play in their intellectual, personal and life developments. Our English courses emphasize the fostering of written and oral comprehension, of critical thinking abilities, and of fluency in the communication and expression of ideas.

World Language Department

Department Chair: Fulvia Fowler

The study of a world languages encompasses areas that far exceed the acquisition of linguistic skills. . Our “shrinking planet” has increased our need to work together on political, economic, and technological levels if our global civilization is to survive.

At an age when the students experience much peer pressure to conform to given norms, foreign language study can contribute to their maturing process, helping them to recognize that “different” does not mean “better” or “worse,” but rather “unique,” a value that is to be treasured. Exposure to other ways of life, differing attitudes, thought patterns, histories, and manners of other people frees the students from ignorance of other cultures and customs, which too often result in prejudice and bigotry.

In a school where Christian community is the very “raison d’etre,” the World Languages Department is committed to fostering a spirit of peace, love, and brotherhood according to the spirit of the Gospels.

At Hartley, we are committed to ensuring every student is prepared for success. That means providing a curriculum which reflects the types of skills and knowledge students need to succeed in the ever changing world in which we live. In today’s global economy, the understanding of other languages and cultures is critical. Our World Language Department offers courses in both modern and classical languages to meet that need.

Current languages include including French, Spanish, Italian, and Latin. By offering multiple levels of each language, students can develop competencies in both the written and spoken word. Our curriculum also offers enrichment activities that allow for immersion into the various world cultures in recognition of the fact that today’s foreign language courses need to go beyond linguistic skills. And, as a reflection of the faith foundation at Bishop Hartley, we approach foreign language as a way to promote peace, understanding, and tolerance across cultures.

Our World Language Department uses the American Council of Teachers of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) guidelines as the basis for our proficiency model. Students are assessed in each of the four skill areas of reading, writing, speaking, and listening as a measure of overall language ability. Use of the language is critical to developing proficiency and so active participation significantly contributes to success.

Health & Sport Science Department

Department Chair: Jeremiah Triplett

Our school is founded on the principle of educating the entire person: body, mind and spirit. We believe a positive lifestyle ensures our students will reach their goals and enjoy life to the fullest.  Hartley’s Health and Sport Science Department focuses on the health of the body and offers courses in physical education, health, wellness, and nutrition to help students develop healthy habits which will last a lifetime.

We know students face a number of temptations and barriers that can keep them from having a healthy lifestyle. Our philosophy of educating the entire person gives students a comprehensive knowledge base to make smart decisions and maintain a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

Mathematics Department

Department Chair: Julie Fix

Our core curriculum includes multiple levels of mathematical education to ensure we have courses to meet the career interest of a student while acknowledging the various levels of individual interest and ability.  With comprehensive offerings ranging from Pre-Algebra Calculus II & Statistics,  and dual enrollment which provides college credit for advanced math achievement, Hartley’s Mathematics Department provides the curriculum diversity to ensure the success and achievement of every student.

Religion Department

Department Chair: Erin Kohut

We are committed to providing a quality Catholic education emphasizing Christ’s teachings in all phases of the educational process and empowering each student to mature spiritually, morally, intellectually, physically and socially.

Utilizing the approved Diocesan Religion Course of Study, textbooks and materials, Bishop Hartley’s Religion Department has developed an outstanding curriculum.  But, we take it a step further.  We have fostered excellent relationships with the Diocesan Offices of Social Concerns, Vocations and Liturgy and utilize them as regular resources for staff development and student curricular enrichment.

Our guest speaker series complements our classroom curriculum, reinforces our values, and follows our belief statements.  We bring in speakers from around the country and state to speak to real world issues and discuss timely topics.  Recent speakers have addressed issues such as the death penalty, poverty, Respect Life issues, and the concept of “just war.”

Day-long and multi-day retreats provide opportunities for additional spiritual growth.  We highly value the class retreats, requiring all students to participate in an annual retreat with students in their grade level.  Participation offers immeasurable benefits to the students and strengthens relationships with their peers and faculty.

Click HERE to view Curriculum Support for Protecting God’s Children.

Science & Technology Department

Department Chair: Nathan Trimner

Our robust science, technology and business offerings provide one of the most comprehensive, exciting, and challenging curriculum available at the high school level. Hartley’s Science and Technology Department functions on the premise that scientific discovery helps students understand the physical and biological world around them and helps them develop critical thinking and reasoning skills they will use across all subjects. Science and technology also  represent two growing fields of career opportunities for our students who are passionate about the subject matter. We believe scientific discovery can be fascinating and fun.

With twelve science courses and eight business and technology courses, students have the opportunity to acquire an understanding of fundamental concepts, gain laboratory and reasoning skills, and explore higher level scientific knowledge in areas such as biology, chemistry, and physics. Half of our science courses are at the honors or AP level, so there is no limit to the knowledge students can gain.

Social Studies Department

Department Chair: Dominic Dinovo

Our goal of developing students into contributing citizens who are active and engaged in their community as well as the world around them is supported by our social studies curriculum. At Hartley, we believe a solid understanding of U.S. history is a foundational component of deciphering the world in which we live and emerging issues students will need to understand in the future. We challenge students to approach history as more than memorization of names and dates and see it as a way to apply the lessons learned from the past to modern day challenges.

Hartley’s Social Studies Department offers a curriculum rich in American history and is complemented by specialty courses on contemporary issues, military history, and world cultures.