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Each level of the modern language curricula at Hartley covers the six overlapping themes of Advanced Placement courses, which put the language and its culture into meaningful contexts. 

World Language Courses

  • Novice (I) (French, Italian, Spanish, Latin)
  • Spanish I-A: Accelerated-Novice High
  • Beginning Intermediate (II) (French, Italian, Spanish, Latin)
  • Intermediate Mid (III) (French, Italian, Spanish, Latin)
  • Intermediate High/Advanced (AP) (French, Italian, Spanish, Latin
  • Advanced Spanish Extension Course (ASE)
  • Novice Latin (I)
  • Beginning Intermediate Latin (II)
  • Intermediate Mid Latin (III)
  • Intermediate High/Advanced Latin (IV)

Learn more about each course and credits in the World Languages Course Catalog.


The World Languages Department at Bishop Hartley believes in the importance of developing language proficiency and intercultural competence as we work to develop global citizens for the 21st Century. In support of that goal, Hartley offers instruction in Spanish, French, Italian, and Latin.

Students learn about the products, practices, and perspectives of the cultures where these languages are spoken and are evaluated on a proficiency model that requires them to grow in all areas of language acquisition. The focus is always on holistic proficiency rather than accumulating points and students must read, write, listen, and speak the language to be successful. Advanced Placement Courses are offered in all four languages to provide students the opportunity to earn college credit.

Students who have studied world languages prior to enrolling at Hartley will also have the opportunity to take a placement test to determine the most appropriate course in which to begin their studies with us.


Bishop Hartley offers related clubs including Diversity Club and Model United Nations. Learn more about these clubs.

Department Chair

Ms. Fulvia Fowler, M.A.

Ms. Fowler started teaching at Bishop Hartley in 1998 as a French teacher. She introduced the Italian program at Hartley in 2004 and currently teaches all four levels of Italian. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Foreign Language Education (French and Spanish) from The Ohio State University and her Master of the Art of Teaching and Learning from Nova Southeastern University. Mrs. Fowler enjoys traveling, especially to her family’s ancestral village in Italy.

Ms. Kailey Brochowski

Kailey Brochowski, Spanish 1 and 1: Accelerated teacher, has been teaching at Hartley since 2018. She holds a degree in Spanish Education from Mount Vernon Nazarene University. She studied abroad in Costa Rica, and has spent time in Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Mexico. Ms. Brochowski is also the advisor for the Dance Team and Care for Creation.

Mr. Justin M. Green, M. Ed.

Mr. Green earned his Bachelor’s in French and Master’s in Education from The Ohio State University, and studied abroad at the University of Burgundy in Dijon, France. With more than 10 years teaching at Hartley, he teaches all French courses and is the faculty leader for Hartley's Model United Nations Club. Mr. Green has also led student trips abroad to Canada, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Hawaii. He is passionate about the importance of multicultural education and the invaluable  experiences students learn through exposure to other cultures.

Ms. Anna Mullins, M.Ed.

Anna Mullins has been teaching high school Spanish since 2007 and has been teaching at Hartley since 2010. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish and a Bachelor of Science degree in 2004 from Marietta College. She later earned a Master of Arts in Education degree from Muskingum University in 2013. Ms. Mullins studied abroad in Spain and has spent time in numerous other countries, including Nicaragua, Peru, Ecuador, and Argentina. She has always been passionate about language learning, intercultural exploration, and travel and loves sharing those passions with her students. In addition to her teaching role, Ms. Mullins has been the moderator of the student Diversity Club since 2016 and works with the faculty Social Justice Curriculum Committee.

Ms. Julia Schroyer

Julia Schroyer, Spanish teacher, has taught at Bishop Hartley since 2016. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from Miami University in 2015. She has lived and studied in Spain and Costa Rica, and spent time in a number of other Spanish-speaking countries.

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