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The faculty and staff of Bishop Hartley share with the Religion Department the mission to
proclaim Christ’s message, to participate in community building, to lead people to
worship and prayer, and to encourage and inspire service.

Religion Courses

  • Religion 9
  • Religion 10
  • Religion 11
  • Religion 11 (Christian Leadership)
  • Religion 12

Learn more about each course and credits in the Religion Course Catalog.


Bishop Hartley High School is a Roman Catholic school and our Religion Program consists of three components: knowledge, liturgy, and service. Our goals are:

  • To proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to all,
  • To transform humankind into new life in Christ
  • To train individuals to live consciously faith-filled lives as children of God.

The program’s foundational principles, which come from the National Catechetical Directory, Sharing the Light of Faith, are:

  1. A person’s human development is the key to his or her capacity to form a faith relationship and intellectually understand the implications of that relationship.
  2. The four tasks of message, community, service, prayer and worship form one interlocking ministry.
  3. The program draws upon the four signs of sources of catechesis –
    biblical, ecclesial, liturgical and natural signs.
  4. The program strives to enhance the school’s academic nature, and develop the spiritual, personal, social and physical development of the student.

At Bishop Hartley, Religion classes are required for all four years and prayer is a core part of our curriculum. We use the Diocesan Course of Study which is based on the USCCB's (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) curriculum. The subject of Religion has an informational context but also a formational context and religious concepts are applied to real world situations.

Non-Catholic students meet the academic Religion course requirement and are encouraged to share their own faith experiences and growth in their understanding of their faith tradition.


Bishop Hartley offers a number of clubs and activities, including Adeste Fideles, Campus Ministry, Care for Creation, Hawks Who Pray, Pro Life Club, and The Julias. Learn more about these clubs.

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