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Academic Environment

Bishop Hartley High School’s academic environment is built upon a college preparatory curriculum in a traditional school setting. Students will take courses in Engineering, Technology, English, Health Promotion, Sport Science, Leadership, Mathematics, Religion, Science, Social Studies, Visual and Performing Arts, and World Languages All courses offered at Bishop Hartley are designed to provide rigorous academic preparation in a challenging and innovative atmosphere. Teachers emphasize creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking skills in a holistic and individualized setting. Teachers believe that every student can grow through application and experience.

ADVANCED                HONORS            COLLEGE PREP

The three Academic Centers of Excellence – Advanced, Honors, and College Prep – will assure that your child will have a successful experience suited to his/her abilities. Our SEEK Period (Students Extending and Enhancing Knowledge) encourages all students at every level to confer with teachers from 2:45-3:15 Monday thru Thursday. Bishop Hartley offers academic assistance through the Notre Dame Program for students with documented Service or Academic Support Plans.

In addition to the core curriculum, Bishop Hartley provides an extensive list of real-world electives emphasizing 21st century skills and interests (e.g. Forensic Science, Sports and Entertainment Marketing, International Business, Video Production, etc.).

The Hartley Class of 2018 earned $16.8 million dollars in academic scholarships and had a 100% acceptance rate to colleges and universities. Our graduates are entering prestigious programs at fantastic institutions, including but not limited to, the University of Pennsylvania, University of Notre Dame, Thiel College, The Ohio State University, Duke University, University of Pittsburgh, and University of Arizona. Many of our top graduates enter honors and scholars programs in competitive fields. The top 10% of our students are nationally recognized as Joyce Scholars, National Merit Finalists, Hispanic Scholars, and/or Commended Scholars.

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