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About Tony Thivener, Sacred Heart House School Captain

Before attending Bishop Hartley, I was a student at St. Catharine.

I participate in football, wrestling, House Leadership, the Ambassador Program, and National Honor Society.

Mr. Dinovo and Mr. Trimner are a hard tie for me at number one favorite teacher at Hartley. They are both so energetic, funny, are always able to put a smile on your face and can relate to us, although sometimes they both tell bad "dad" jokes.

My favorite class that I have ever taken at Bishop Hartley is AP U.S. History. I enjoyed it so much because Mr. Dinovo taught it and we participated in lots of fun activities and projects. Additionally, we often collaborated with others for our work which helped me create deeper bonds with my classmates. Overall, I learned a lot about the history of our nation in class and had a good time doing it.

My favorite lunch is the chicken mashed potato bowl.

What I love most about Bishop Hartley is the true friendships and connections that you create during your time here. I have formed bonds with so many people that I would have never known if I did not attend Hartley and I am so grateful for that opportunity. This culture is embraced and shared by the staff, who do more than their fair share of encouraging a loving, friendly, and safe environment for us students. Furthermore, mentor group helps you tremendously during your first couple years to get to know people in other grades.

What I love about Sacred Heart is the community that we have built. As you do not typically switch Houses once you are assigned one, the seniors have now been competing together for four years. Competing together and encouraging one another during events is always a great show of our House's spirit, as Mr. Burchfield leads us in chants and we yell advice from the stands. Furthermore, I enjoy seeing the wide display of talents in our House, from singing to drawing to athletic ability and so on.

Sacred Heart is so unique because of its endless amount of differing talents. We have always been particularly talented in the singing aspect of competitions and have improved greatly in other areas such as drawing/painting, trivia, and athletic capacity. Additionally, our House puts in effort in donating goods such as diapers, canned goods, and toothbrushes during our drives in order to help the less fortunate.

—Tony Thivener, Sacred Heart House School Captain

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