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About Saron Weldemicael, Springs House School Captain

Before attending Bishop Hartley, I was a student at Holy Spirit.

I'm currently a member of National Honor Society, ambassadors club, and peer mediators. Througout the past few years at Hartley, I've also participated in robotics club, tennis, and art club.

I would have to say Mr. Dinovo is my favorite teacher at Hartley. For starters, he is one of the most caring and understanding teachers I've ever had. I'm not even a big history person but his passion for it was so contagious and definetly made the class! His classes are never boring, whether he's just lecturing or we're playing a game. I always looked forward to Mr. DInovo's classes. I definitely miss joking around with him.

I have a couple favorite classes, but I'll go with chemistry with Mr. Wagner. Let me start off by saying it was definitely a challenging class that required lots of hard work. However, I am so glad that I had the chance to take this class. Chemistry is a notoriously difficult subject, but Mr. Wagner did a great job teaching it while making the class entertaining. His lectures and notes were clear and helpful, and he had many labs to help us comprehend the difficult ideas better. I learned a lot from this class, especially though the labs. We also had lots of fun whether it was from review games, learning something new, or making ice cream with liquid nitrogen.

Nachos grande is probably my favorite lunch, but there are so many close seconds.

The thing I love most about Hartley is the House System. It provides us with many leadership opportunities which have helped me become a better leader and person. Mentor group not only provides a support system, but it also allows us to meet people with various backgrounds and interests. I love that our mentor group is where we do service projects and life preparation as well as play charades, have a mini potluck, do secret santa, and much more. I also love the friendly competition we have though house days and other house point opportunities. The different types of activities make sure that people's various talents can be represented and embraced. Cheering on your housemates during house days is always fun. Finally, I love, and will definitely miss, explaining to others that we have houses like Harry Potter.

My favorite thing about Springs house is mentor group. Each mentor groups has a really nice, caring, and fun teacher as well as great captains. These people always make sure that mentor group has a fun and welcoming environment. The times we combined with other mentor groups to play Taboo or Jeopardy are some of my favorite memories. The people are so great that I even enjoy the days where we don't do an activity and just talk. We've made so many great connections. I also love how supportive and ecouraging everyone is of each other, especially on house days. Finally, I love the Springs House cheer!

I personally think it's the people that make Springs House unique. There's such a wide variety of talents and skills. We have amazing singers, athletes, artists, and much more. A member of Springs will gladly participate in an activity even if it's not their strong suit, and the rest of the house will cheer them on! The house captains do a great job at keeping the Springs student body spirited and motivated.

—Saron Weldemicael, Springs School Captain

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