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Frequently Asked Questions

We are so excited you want to learn more about Bishop Hartley High School.  We have assembled a list of the most frequently asked questions to help you learn more about Hartley and all that it offers to prepare students for success.  The following listings answer general questions and discuss specific topics such as our academic program, innovative House System, and technology tools for students.


Which area of Columbus does Bishop Hartley serve?
Bishop Hartley is a coed four-year Catholic High School serving east Columbus and its neighboring suburbs: Bexley, Canal Winchester, Gahanna, Pickerington, Reynoldsburg, and Whitehall.

When was the high school founded?
Bishop Hartley was founded in 1957 by the Diocese of Columbus and named for the longest serving Bishop of Diocese, Bishop James J. Hartley.

What is the school’s enrollment?
Since 2010, school enrollment has grown to average between 690-710 students each year. Our student to teacher ration is 16:1.

What is the tuition?
The 2018-19 tuition rates can be found below.  In families with multiple children enrolled concurrently, there is a discounted tuition schedule.  The student life fee applies to each child registered and is not discounted.

Participating (Families who are registered and participate in a Catholic church)
  • First child:  $8800.00
  • Second child:  $7500.00
  • Third child:  $6000.00
  • Fourth Child: $6000.00
  • First child:  $9450.00
  • Second child:  $8200.00
  • Third child:  $6330.00
  • Fourth Child: $6330.00
Student Life Fee*:    $750.00 per student
*The student life fee allows Hartley students to attend ALL school retreats, athletic events and performing arts programs at no cost helping build the schools sense of community and encourage the support of fellow students in their activities.

Does Bishop Hartley offer scholarships?
• There are two options for tuition reduction at Bishop Hartley; our merit-based scholarship program and our need-based Tuition Assistance Program.

• The merit-based scholarship program is funded by our Catholic parishes and community. As such, it is only available to eighth graders who are attending a Catholic school or parish (including PSR students). Students who wish to apply for a scholarship must submit an online application to Hartley, supply necessary supporting documents, and take our Placement Test in November.

• Our need-based Tuition Assistance Program is available to all Hartley families. Applications are online through FACTS and are available beginning January 1st. The deadline for applications is March 15, 2018.  The application and all supporting documents must be submitted by this deadline. Both the Diocese of Columbus and Bishop Hartley High School use this application to award tuition assistance funds. Please note that a child must be enrolled at Bishop Hartley in order to receive tuition assistance. While the need is always greater than the available funds, we try to help as many families as possible.

Do you need to be a practicing Catholic to attend Bishop Hartley?
• A student does not need to be a practicing Catholic to attend Bishop Hartley High School. Approximately 75 percent of our students are Catholic and 25 percent are non-Catholic. As a school of Faith, we believe that striving for personal excellence is a spiritual goal, a call to holiness, and a response to God’s blessing.

• All students, regardless of their faith or denomination, are required to take the religion course for their grade level.

• It is important to note that as a Roman Catholic high school, Bishop Hartley is committed to enriching our students with the fullness of our Church traditions through intellectual growth, personal and community prayer, the celebration of the liturgy and Sacraments of the Eucharist and Reconciliation, yearly retreats, and service.


What types of courses does Bishop Hartley offer?
• We stand for excellence in Catholic education. We are serious about our mission which encompasses our approach to education: “Transforming lives through rigorous academic preparation.” To that end we offer multiple courses of study and are committed to helping each student reach his or her fullest potential and compete in the ever-changing, fast-paced world as global citizens.

• Bishop Hartley offers a college-preparatory curriculum and is accredited by the Ohio Catholic Schools Accrediting Association and the State of Ohio. Our school day is composed of seven (7) class periods of 50 minutes and a shorter mentor group period. We also offer an additional period for enrichment called SEEK (Students Extending and Enhancing Knowledge). This optional period provides a time in which students can meet with teachers.

• Hartley offers a robust curriculum and course offerings for students who desire additional academic challenges and opportunities for growth. These include honors-level, Advanced Placement (AP), and Dual Enrollment (in conjunction with local colleges and universities).

• Hartley recently unveiled a new on-line elective curriculum designed for 21st century learning and career exploration. The on-line courses complement Hartley’s college preparatory, honors and advanced placement curriculum by giving students an opportunity to investigate potential careers and pursue additional learning interests. Students at Hartley are able to take these courses at no additional cost. In addition to taking these courses outside of the school day, students can elect to take the course during a study hall.

What does AP (Advanced Placement) mean and how many courses do you offer?
• Advanced Placement courses, most often referred to as AP courses offer opportunities for additional academic challenges and college preparation. Bishop Hartley offers a large number of AP Courses in a variety of subjects and continues to grow the program.

• AP courses can play an important role in a student’s college success. AP courses are designed to offer a college-level academic experience while they still have the support of a high school environment. Based on the student’s performance and AP Exam results, he or she has the opportunity to earn credit and advanced placement in college.

• In addition to the various types of advanced courses, two academic extracurricular clubs provide additional opportunities for academic challenge and growth.

What is Bishop Hartley’s class size?
• Our commitment to supporting every student in reaching his or her fullest potential is evidenced by our low 16:1 student to faculty ratio which allows for individual attention, interaction and support.

• In addition to our academic faculty, Bishop Hartley also offers an outstanding school guidance and counseling department. Our fully-staffed guidance team includes three full-time counselors, one full time administrative assistant, and one full-time school psychologist.

• In addition to state and national accreditation, Bishop Hartley is a member of the Ohio Association of College Admissions Counselors (OACAC) and fully endorses the Statement of Good Practice as adopted by OACAC.

What is your average ACT score?
• Historically, 98% of Hartley’s graduates have entered post secondary schools. Nearly all of our students (97%) take the ACT and a little less than a quarter of our students (21%) take the SAT.

• The majority of Hartley students taking the test achieved a score exceeding the national average. Of the students taking the test, 43% scored a 25 or higher. This score reflects what is generally considered the minimum score required for admission to most highly selective colleges and universities. A total of 66% scored a 22 or higher; with this score reflecting what is considered the average score required for admission to most selective colleges and universities .

• The majority of Hartley students who took the ACT exceeded the national average which is a 21.

What is your college acceptance rate?
• Bishop Hartley students are well prepared for success in college and beyond. Our students are highly-attractive to colleges and universities both here and abroad. In the last five years, four Hartley students have received the extremely competitive and highly-coveted Joyce Scholarship to Notre Dame; essentially “full-rides” to one of the country’s top universities.

• Investing in a Hartley education is a smart decision. In the last five years, our graduates were awarded nearly $70 million in college scholarships, demonstrating the academic excellence we strive for at Hartley. The class of 2018 had a 100% acceptance rate to colleges and universities and was awarded $16.8 million in MERIT-BASED (academic) scholarship money.

• Hartley students stand out among their peers. More than 70 colleges and universities have committed their resources to visit Hartley and meet with students. In short, it is clear that Hartley graduates are the types of students colleges want to see on their campuses.

The following page provides a snapshot of some of the colleges and universities are students are or have attended. This list is not exhaustive.

• Clemson University
• Columbus College of Art and Design
• Denison University
• Duke University
• Georgetown University
• Indiana University
• John Carroll University
• Loyola University
• Marquette University
• Miami University
• The Ohio State University
• Ohio University
• Purdue University
• Rhode Island School of Design
• Spelman College
• United States Naval Academy
• Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland)
• University of Arizona
• University of NC at Chapel Hill
• University of Dayton
• University of Kentucky
• University of Michigan
• University of Notre Dame
• University of Pennsylvania
• Vanderbilt University
• Villanova University
• Wheeling Jesuit
• Xavier University


What is the House System?
• The House System is an important part of what makes Hartley the place where your child can Fit In and Stand Out. The House System is a reflection of our desire to ensure every student has a support system, healthy peer relationships, caring adult role models and mentors, and leadership opportunities.

• Our goal with the House System is to provide greater pastoral care to all our students and strengthen our sense of community. It also provides a framework for activities which embrace Hartley’s Six Pillars.

• Our House system assures that students are embraced into the Hartley Family Spirit while recognizing for their individual gifts and talents.

• It also serves as a forum for our leadership curriculum and integrates many of the roles and responsibilities of a traditional student government.

Tell me more about Hartley’s emphasis on leadership.
• We believe it is imperative for students to gain not only knowledge in high school but also the real world skills to be successful. We expect our students to use their education and make an impact. Leadership is a large part of the foundation which will enable them to reach their goals.

• Through the leadership course, students are provided with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective mentoring, intentional leadership, character development, and service to others in their school, community, and the world at large. Our House System provides a forum in which students both learn and apply their leadership skills.

• Bishop Hartley is the only school in the Columbus Diocese to offer an approved leadership curriculum for which students earn graduation credit.

How do students become involved in the House System?
• Students are assigned to a House at the beginning of their freshman year and will stay in that House throughout all four years at Hartley.

• The six Houses are named after some of the now closed Diocesan high schools to pay homage to the tradition and history of Catholic education in Central Ohio.

When do students get together as a House?
• The value we place on the House System is reflected in the time allocated to House activities. Students meet regularly during the school year, primarily during the school day. There are a few House activities held after school, primarily in conjunction with other school and/or athletic events, such as the Tailgate and Chili Cook-Off.

• Each of the six Houses is divided into smaller groups which meet each day during school hours in what we call mentor groups.

• These groups are moderated by one or more teachers and staff members who provide guidance, oversight, and support to the mentor group. However, the Mentor Groups are designed to be student led. Each House has several leadership positions including House Captains, House Chaplains, and House Service Coordinator.

• To add fun and friendly competition, the Houses participate in a number of activities, such as the Tailgate and Chili Cook-Off, Christmas Carol Competition, Minute to Win It and Family Feud g, throughout the year as part of the competition for the House Cup. In addition to these competitions, Houses compete in the areas of academics, athletics, school spirit, conduct and community service with the culmination of the competition during the House Olympics in the spring.


How does Hartley incorporate technology into the academic environment?
• Bishop Hartley has remained a pioneer in adapting new and emerging technologies to enhance the learning experience since becoming the first school to offer tablet PCs 24/7 to an entire class of students in 2002. Fifteen years later, Hartley is still a leader but now the school provides every student with an iPad Air, reflecting the need to stay current in a world of ever-changing technology.

• Hartley’s 1:1 iPad program replaces a vast supply of educational tools: notepaper, assignment books, graphing calculators, notebooks, and paper handouts. Textbooks are digitized to reduce the 30-pound book bag to a one pound iPad Air. The iPad Air has an innovative and intuitive interface that accepts touch, voice, and keyboard input. It stores notes, textbooks, and class documents on which students can provide verbal and written annotation.

• The education experience is further enhanced with wireless connectivity throughout the school, mobile computer labs, and computers with specially designed software in various classrooms. Every classroom has interactive Smartboards and projectors and our state-of-the-art lecture hall is designed for innovative educational options.

• The technology infrastructure is also enhanced by distance learning hardware as well as innovative software applications to enhance the classroom experience. Several national companies including Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Dyknow, Smart Technologies and TechSmith are working with Hartley students and teachers in their research and development of new technologies and strategies.


Busing information for the 2018-19 school year will be posted as soon as it becomes available.

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