Contact Us

Office Hours:
7:30am – 3:30pm
Main Phone:
1285 Zettler Rd.
Columbus, OH 43227

Phone Calls:
During normal school hours, 7:30am until 3:30pm — You will be given the option to leave a voicemail message for your party using his or her extension or, if you do not, you will be directed to our office receptionist or secretary who can speak with you.

During non-business hours — Please use your party’s extension to leave a voicemail message.  In addition to our complete Faculty and Staff Directory, the names and numbers below provide quick access to reach members of our administrative team.

Principal: Mr. Michael Winters
Associate Director of Financial Affairs:
Ronda Galleher

614.237.5421 ext. 10617
Assistant Principal: Barbara Casson
Director of Admissions: Heather Rush
614.237.5421 ext. 10622
Assistant Principal/Academic Dean: Christopher Kowalski
614.237.5421 ext. 10614
Athletic Director & Alumni Director: Mike Rahe
614.237.5421 ext. 10610
Dean of Students: Randy Kortokrax
614.237.5421 ext. 10613
Director of Development: Tiffiney Hatem
614.237.5421 ext. 10625
Director of Finance:  Ken Collura
614.237.5421 ext. 10630
School Receptionist: Cindy Goodburn
614.237.5421 ext. 10607
School Registrar – Office of Administrative Services: Kim Collura
614.237.5421 ext. 10623