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About Caroline Berger, Rosary House School Captain

Before attending Bishop Hartley, I was a student at St. Pius X.

I am involved in house leadership; I have been a mentor group captain, a house captain, and now a school captain. I am a member of NHS, Hawks who Pray, Adeste Fideles, ProLife club, and the ambassador club. I am also a team captain for the women's golf team.

My favorite teacher at Hartley is Mrs. Castillo. I have had her for 3 out of my 4 years at Hartley. She is always so patient and kind. She helps make math fun!

My favorite class has been AP Art with Mr. Gallick. I am a very creative person, so I enjoy the amount of artistic freedom I have in that class. Mr. Gallick pushes me to be the best student and artist I can be.

I love the a la carte option at lunch!

Bishop Hartley has given me so many opportunities to grow in my faith, my academic ability, and my relationships with others. I have explored many new interests and gained so many friends. I can truthfully say that Hartley has changed my life. I can't imagine the past 4 years of my life without the welcoming and exciting community that Hartley offers.

WHO ARE WHO ARE WHO ARE WE? WE ARE WE ARE ROSARY! Go Rhinos! Being a part of Rosary House has given me the opportunity to meet so many new people, both staff and students from different grades. From the day I met my house at my freshman Soaring Night, I knew that Rosary House was full of kind-hearted and thoughtful people. Our house is full of diverse interests, talents, and goals... when we align these differences with our competitive spirit, Rosary House is unstoppable!

Rosary is a competetive house in all aspects, especially the artistic and athletic competitions. However, our house is also competetive when it comes to service hours and GPA. Normally, Rosary ranks near the top for meeting service hour requirements first, aquiring the most service hours, and having the highest average GPA. However, all in all, it is the people of Rosary House that make it so special. We are an energetic, encouraging, and excited house that shows up to try our best any any competition. We take pride in being rhinos, and enjoy welcoming our new freshmen rhinos every year!

—Caroline Berger, Rosary House School Captain

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