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About Anna Woods, Victory House School Captain

Before attending Bishop Hartley, I was a student at St. Pius X

I am involved in Cross Country, Track, Hawks Who Pray, Adeste Fideles and the Ambassador program.

Mrs. Castillo is my favorite teacher because she has taught me so much about the subject of math between my freshman year and now. She is always willing to offer extra time for questions and SEEK so that all of her students can actually understand and she has allowed me to enjoy the subject of math so much more. Mrs. Castillo is also so personable in her lessons and loves to talk with, joke with, and get to know all of her students.

My favorite class at Hartley so far has to be Concert Choir. I am currently taking it for the second time because I enjoy it so much. Through choir, Mrs. Verdi has taught me so much about music and how to sing with a large group. We have done so many of our favorite songs and also a lot of challenging songs that have helped us all grow, bond, learn about music, and have a great performance in the end.

My favorite lunch at Hartley is the pepperoni calzone.

What I love most about Hartley is the community. I have met so many people through my house, mentor group, leadership opportunities, and extracurriculars that I never would have met otherwise. Every member of the Hartley community has this loving spirit and you can tell they care, this includes students, staff, and others. The community here at Bishop Hartley has truly helped me grow and enjoy my four years here.

I love that my house, Victory, always performs well under pressure. No matter if it's having to fill in at house events last minute or having to score few extra points to move up, we all come together for the betterment of the group. For example, in my sophomore year we had been last all year, but ended up working so hard at the House Olympics that we were able to win that house day and not end up in last.

Victory House was the first to win 3 house cups which is very special. We then had a bit of a losing streak, but chose not to let that define us. Recently, the members and leaders of Victory house have been working on allowing people to participate in events in which the excel. In doing so we have gotten to know each other better, have more fun, and work towards our 4th house cup. Along the way, Victory House is always supportive cheering for every participant in every event whether it's athletic, academic, or artistic and this is something that I believe is very special.

—Anna Woods, Victory School Captain

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