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Wednesday, May 7th


House System Overview

Every House a Home…In Every Home – A Hawk

The 2010-2011 school year marked the inaugural year for the Bishop Hartley High School House System. The primary purpose of the House System is to further the mission of the school by providing greater pastoral care to all our students while strengthening our sense of community. The system will also enable us to be proactive in the development of each student’s leadership skills.

Each student is assigned to one of six houses. In honor of those who have laid the foundation of Catholic education in the Columbus area, the houses have been named after former Catholic high schools – Aquinas, Rosary, Sacred Heart, The Springs, Victory, and Wehrle. In this way, students come to respect the past as they move to change the future.

Every house contains members of the faculty and staff to mentor and provide pastoral care to all our students. In each of the six houses, there are approximately 120 students. Split into six mentor groups (five students from each grade to total 20 per mentor group), students meet with their mentor teacher/group every day. On Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, mentor groups meet for 12 minutes with the emphasis on daily interaction in order to “take the pulse” of the group both individually and collectively. On Wednesdays, mentor groups meet for 36 minutes to conduct various activities related to service, spirituality, and social/athletic endeavors that promote positive interactions with peers and mentors. In addition, students remain with the same mentor group for all four years that they attend Bishop Hartley to assist in the development of relationships to ensure trust and provide guidance.

Six House Days are held throughout the year to give students an extended period of time (two hours) to further the mission of the House System. These days will include opportunities to earn points in the year long competition to win the House Cup. As friendly rivalries emerge, houses will compete in the areas of academics, athletics, school spirit, and much more with the culmination of the competition during the House Olympics in the spring.

While integrating our previous student government system, the House System provides close to 100 more leadership positions than that of a traditional student council model. These positions include School Captain, Vice Captain, and House Captain to name a few. One of the primary goals of the House System is to enable all students, not just those who hold a specific title, to embrace their potential for leadership to prepare them to make positive changes in our community. One opportunity students have to make this impact is through the Bishop Hartley Service Hour Requirement. Each student is required to complete 25 hours of service annually. Students keep track of their progress and develop a service portfolio that will be a working document throughout their four years at Hartley.

Bishop Hartley assures that each student is embraced in the “Hartley Family Spirit” while recognizing them for their individual gifts and talents. The House System enables us to strengthen the partnership of school, student, and parent in the development of each child that walks through the doors of Bishop Hartley. All parents and guardians are encouraged to get involved in the House Parent Organization (HPO). No matter what house a student belongs, we are all Hawks committed to furthering the mission of Christ both in our community and in the world.

Connection to the Six Pillars

How the House System Embraces the Six Pillars


Students have opportunities to share and grow in their faith through daily interaction and prayer in their mentor groups. Each house has a student designated as a chaplain, who along with their House Dean, will help organize and lead activities to enhance students’ spirituality, such as annual retreats and community service projects.


Daily interaction through our mentor groups allows each student to have one faculty or staff member to see them every single day of their Hartley experience to assist with academic and personal development. Students will also benefit from the opportunity to work with their classmates and lean on the experience and wisdom of upperclassmen as mentors and through peer tutoring.


The House System further develops our students’ awareness of the impact they can have at all the various levels of community (school, Church, local, and national) and provide them with resources to make effective changes in our world today. Guest speakers are routinely brought in to highlight the school’s six pillars and how our students can make a difference.


All students take part in our service hour requirements to complete 25 hours of service annually. Students will work both individually and collectively within their houses, clubs, and athletic teams to help those less fortunate and to answer the call to be Christ for one another.


As our enrollment continues to increase over the years, the House System allows us continue the “Hartley Family Spirit” with each and every one of our faculty, staff, and students. Marquee events will be held throughout the year to boost the pride and support for all Hawk athletes, club members, artists, musicians, and thespians.


Leadership is a key ingredient in the development of a student’s responsibility and awareness of the impact they can have as they become young adults. Through the House System, students gain valuable tools and assets that empower them to become better leaders and mentors. Leadership exists on numerous levels to meet a student’s comfort level that will put them in a position to succeed.

Congratulations to our new leaders for 2014-2015!

2014-2015 House Leadership


School Captain:

Alex Orkis

School Captain:

Lauren Elliott

School Vice Captain:

Abby Dawes

School Vice Captain:

Michael Bungard



Senior House Captain:

Jake Boomer

Senior House Captain:

Courtney Trudeau

Junior House Captain:

Sami Skelly

Junior House Captain:

Karlie Horn

Sophomore House Captain:

Kate Hennessey

Sophomore House Captain:

Elias Maloof

Sophomore House Captain:

Juliette Amorati



Senior House Captain:

Jenna Anderson

Senior House Captain:

Kaileen Mitchell

Junior House Captain:

Matthew Berger

Junior House Captain:

Kate Duffy

Sophomore House Captain:

Averi Rulli

Sophomore House Captain:

Justin Galant

Sophomore House Captain:

Terrell Crowder



Senior House Captain:

Dominic Evans

Senior House Captain:

McKenna Welsh

Junior House Captain:

Marty Gillies

Junior House Captain:

Keara Brown

Sophomore House Captain:

Jack Baughman

Sophomore House Captain:

Carly Archembeau

Sophomore House Captain:

Olivia George

Sophomore House Captain:

Alex Dawes




Senior House Captain:

Nick Workman

Senior House Captain:

Cassie Zamaripa

Junior House Captain:

Sarah LeMay

Junior House Captain:

Ben Hawk

Sophomore House Captain:

Jacob McFeeters

Sophomore House Captain:

Mitchell Bergman

Sophomore House Captain:

Mary Weilbacher



Senior House Captain:

Austin Mauk

Senior House Captain:

Sydney Williams

Junior House Captain:

Ryan Reed

Junior House Captain:

Sam Agra

Sophomore House Captain:

Valerie Zaino

Sophomore House Captain:

Cameron Mertz

Sophomore House Captain:

Maggie Farrell

Sophomore House Captain:

Kate Kovach



Senior House Captain:

Te'a Riley

Senior House Captain:

Cameron Macioce

Junior House Captain:

Ally Dempsey

Junior House Captain:

Bethany Matuska

Sophomore House Captain:

John Babeaux

Sophomore House Captain:

Andrew Heinmiller

Sophomore House Captain:

Alison Sommer

Sophomore House Captain:

Frances Hillyer

Reminders about Service Hours 2013-2014


As the year wraps up we want to remind everyone about the final dates that all service hours must be completed by for both underclassmen and seniors. Please see your House Dean or Mr. Kowalski if you have any questions.

****All students must have 25 hours of service verified by May 5, 2014.

  • Verification forms must be turned in on time! Late forms will be accepted towards the hour total for the year but will not serve as an excuse for receiving the consequences associated with that quarter.
  • It is the STUDENT’S responsibility to turn in his or her verification forms.

Consequences for failing to meet the service requirement deadlines for 2013-2014:

1st Offense:     10 demerits and student notification

2nd Offense      25 demerits, 2 Saturday schools, and parent/student notification

                               3rd Offense:     50 demerits, 2 day suspension for lack of respect, and parent/student notification



By May 5, 2014: SENIORS:     1st/2nd/3rd Offense & Potential Loss of Senior Privileges

By May 5, 2014: UNDERCLASSMEN: 1st/2nd/3rd Offense

By May 30, 2014: SENIORS:   No diploma or transcripts until service hours are complete

By June 4, 2014: UNDERCLASSMEN: Probation and possible expulsion


Spring Drama Marquee Night Results

Congratulations to Aquinas and The Springs for showing the most spirit by participating in and attending the Spring Drama.

The results of the Marquee Night are as follows:

SH = 4 points

Victory = 4 points

Aquinas = 6 points

Rosary = 5 points

Springs = 6 points

Wehrle = 3 points


Congratulations to all students, faculty, and staff who participated in GLEE on Wednesday, March 26. Every house did a great job and has a lot to be proud of for their efforts. The results are as follows:

Earning 1 point = Sacred Heart

2 points = Rosary

3 points = Victory

4 points = Wehrle

5 points = Aquinas

Earning 6 points and this year’s champions of GLEE 2014 = SPRINGS!


House Cup Standings and Competition Results



Every year, the six houses compete for the House Cup. This award is given to the House that accumulates the most points in a variety of competitions held throughout the year. The competitions revolve around academics, athletics, leadership, character, and school spirit.
The overall goal of the House Cup is to promote healthy competition that increases the Hartley Family Spirit while encouraging participation and interaction.

Updated 4/16/2014

House Points
Aquinas  90
Rosary   88
Sacred Heart    99
The Springs  92
Victory  95
Wehrle  93



House Champions Archive

2010-2011 House Cup Champions

2011 Victory WEB

Victory House


2011-2012 House Cup Champions

Sacred Heart Champs WEB

Sacred Heart House



2012-2013 House Cup Champions


House Champs 2013

Victory House


Congratulations to all those who organized and participated in Hartley's Winter
Olympics for 2014. A total of 18 points in the House Cup were up for grabs as each
house competed in a series of events mirroring this year's Olympic events in Sochi.
The results are as follows:
Round 1 
Gold - Springs
Silver - Rosary
Bronze - Aquinas
Gold - Springs
Silver - Victory
Bronze - Wehrle
Speed Skating
Gold - Rosary
Silver - Springs
Bronze - Sacred Heart
Downhill Skiing
Gold - Victory
Silver - Aquinas
Bronze - Wehrle
Gold - Aquinas
Silver - Rosary
Bronze - Victory
Round 1 Results for the House Cup
Rosary - 6 points
Aquinas - 5 points
Springs - 4 points
Victory - 3 points
Wehrle - 2 points
Sacred Heart - 1 point
Round 2 Ice Dancing
Gold - Victory
Silver - Aquinas
Bronze - Rosary & Springs
Round 2 Results for the House Cup
Victory - 6 points
Aquinas - 5 points
Rosary & Springs - 4 points
Wehrle - 3 points
Sacred Heart - 2 points
Round 3 Hockey
Gold - Wehrle 
Silver - Aquinas
Bronze - Victory
Round 3 Results for the House Cup
Wehrle - 6 points
Aquinas - 5 points
Victory - 4 points
Springs - 3 points
Rosary - 2 points
Sacred Heart - 1 point