Senior Announcements 5-13-14

1. Miss Prout has extended the deadline for guidance to turn in scholarship information for the graduation program.  Because of this, you can still turn in scholarship letters to your counselor.  But, we must have them no later than 12:00 Noon on Thursday of this week.  Some of you have turned in some of your scholarship offers, but not all of them.  Please turn in all scholarship offers, even if you will attend a different school.  You can submit the original letter (your counselor will make a copy of it and will return the original to you) or a copy.


Senior Announcements 5-7-14

1. As a follow-up to the completion of the senior survey, please notify your counselor or, after June 14, the school office if you change your mind and want your transcript sent to a school other than the one that you listed on the senior survey.  Also, if you did not list a school to which you want your transcript sent now, you will need to use the same notification process noted above when you need a transcript sent to a particular school or employer.  Your transcript will remain in your permanent folder until we hear from you.


Senior Announcements 4-29-14

1. SENIOR SURVEY – A counselor will come to each senior English class this Friday, May 2 for the purpose of helping you to complete the senior survey.  The survey will ask questions about your future plans. What are your plans for next year? School?  Military? Employment? If you plan to go to school, what is your final choice of schools and at what schools were you accepted? Remember, you need to make a final decision by this Thursday, May 1.  If you would like to discuss your choices with your counselor, let us know.  We can help you look at the pros and cons of each of your options.


Senior Announcements 4-15-14

1.  The Daniel Arnold Memorial Scholarship applications are due April 15, 2014. This includes the following:

    1. A completed and notarized application
    2. An essay, and
    3. Two letters of recommendation.  

Turn in your completed application to Miss Rees or the Hartley Advancement Office. If you have are close to completing the application but are not finished, please see your counselor about your circumstances. 


Senior Announcements 4-8-14

1.  Please bring in all of your acceptance and scholarship letters.  We know that you will  accept only the scholarships that can be used at the school you decide to attend, but we list all “offered” scholarships in the graduation program.  You may prefer to keep this information private, but keep in mind that parents and grandparents take great pride in their children and grandchildren’s successes.  Also, we are asked to calculate the total amount of scholarship money your class has been offered.   


Senior Announcements 3-31-14

1.  Please keep your counselor informed about your college plans and any scholarships that you have been offered.  In the graduation program all scholarships that a senior has been offered are listed including those that will not be accepted because the senior decides to attend a different school.  Remember – parents and grandparents take great pride in seeing the awards their children/grandchildren have been offered.  Another point that needs to be made here is that no scholarship can be listed in the program unless the scholarship offer has been verified by your counselor, i.e. She must see the scholarship award letter.  If you bring in the original letter that you received, not a copy of it, the original will be returned to you.