Herald 2013 May 2

Volume V Issue 8 | May 2, 2013

From the Desk of Principal Winters

Mike 2011 head shotDear Bishop Hartley Parents and Students:

As we approach the end of another successful school year, the Administration takes this opportunity to applaud the efforts of our parents, students, and teachers. We applaud your generosity, commitment, and hard work. We applaud your spirit of sacrifice for the good of others and your willingness to work together for a common goal. That common goal lies in the fact that we support the same values in both the home and the school and that together we can encourage our youth to live as Jesus taught.


There are different kinds of spiritual gifts
      but the same Spirit;
There are different forms of service
     but the same Lord;
There are different workings but the same God
     who produces all of them in everyone.    
                                        Corinthians 12:4-7

This year's theme has served us well. It has reminded us of the unique and special gifts the Holy Spirit has given to each one of us. One such gift that we received this year was our new and renewed retreat opportunities that our Campus Minister Dominic Dinovo introduced to our Hartley community.

In the fall, the sophomore class was introduced to a group of very enthusiastic young men and women from NET Ministries.  NET ministries is a Catholic organization, based in Minneapolis/ St. Paul, Minnesota, that trains Catholic college-age adults to share the faith by traveling throughout the country for the purpose of offering inspirational retreat programs for Catholic grade and high schools. This year’s retreat theme was “Reality Check.” Students explored the reality of God’s love and their response to His Love.

After several years of hearing seniors say that they wished they had experienced the overnight retreat at Bergamo before their senior year, we decided to make a change; this year the junior class experienced their first overnight retreat.  Juniors were given the opportunity to deepen their relationship with God and with one another as they prepare to be the leaders of Bishop Hartley High School.    

After over a year of investigation and discussion, Bishop Hartley joined the ranks of many fine schools that offer the Kairos Retreat program. Kairos, which in Greek means “Supreme Moment”, gives students the opportunity and time to experience God’s love in a powerful way.  The retreat program centers on students realizing their role as Catholic Christian Adults and builds on the junior retreat experience.  

A recent survey of seniors indicates that the vast majority loved the retreat program.  Many indicated that the retreat allowed them to grow closer to God and each other.  Many too, indicated that the retreat was the best they ever had.

Special thanks to Dominic Dinovo and all of the faculty, staff, and students who made this retreat experience such a grand success.


Mrs. Recchie and I are proud and encouraged that at the beginning of this past year, during homecoming week, each of the six Houses adopted year-long service projects in addition to their 25 individual service hours.

The Aquinas House service themes this year focused on the Catholic social teachings of Care for God’s Creation and Call to Family, Community, and Participation. Aquinas partnered with Columbus Parks and Recreation to clean up Columbus area parks. The Aquinas House also focused on the needs of Aquinas families by providing meals and friendship for those families going through difficult times.

Rosary House focused on the Dignity of the Human person, most specifically, children, mothers and families.  Several Rosary students helped with the Bethesda Healing Ministry, which is a Catholic organization that reaches out to women who have been emotionally and physically impacted by abortion.  Rosary students helped clean up a facility near the Bishop Griffin center that Bethesda uses to reach out to these women.

Rosary House collected goods for Birthright.  Birthright helps provide material and emotional support for women who are faced with stressful pregnancies with few financial or family resources.

In the fall, Rosary House sponsored a meal for residents of the Ronald McDonald House.  They are returning to serve a meal in May for the residents.

Sacred Heart
Sacred Heart’s service project this year will conclude in conjunction with the Bishop Griffin center.  They will collect basic needs items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, and personal care items.  They will select six items that the clients at Bishop Griffin Center need during the summer.  Each mentor group will be responsible for collecting one of these items during a designated week.

Like last year, the Springs partnered with an organization called “H2O for Life,” which supports water sanitations and hydration education projects around the world. They specifically partnered with St. Michael Koliech Primary School in Kenya to provide funding for latrines to improve sanitation for students. The Springs students sold raffle tickets for a drawing to win one of three gift cards. Together with the help of two other schools, the Springs House was able to fulfill St. Michael’s goal of $3,352 for new latrines!

Victory’s service theme, "Care for Gods Creation" has been highlighted by a year-long connection to the community garden at the Bishop Griffin Center.  Victory’s hope is to provide an interactive service learning opportunity where the students not only learn about where food comes from but also see how they can help to provide locally grown food to the Bishop Griffin food pantry.  Not only does the food go to the pantry, but in the green house seedlings are grown to be distributed to customers for their own gardens.  The students have been involved in all phases of the process and have hopes to continue to expand this connection each season.

For the 2012-2013 school year, Wehrle House its support of parishes and families on the south side of Columbus. Specifically, Wehrle has donated and made lunches for St. Lads and Corpus Christi food pantry and St. Lawrence Haven.

Wehrle focused on the Catholic social teaching of the Call to Family, Community, and Participation for the past year. Since Father Wehrle High School was located on the south side of Columbus, Wehrle House students seek to help and support families in this area.


Mrs. Recchie and I would also like to thank the Class of  '13. This senior class exhibited great leadership and we hope that they will give the Class of  '12 a run for their "money" in regard to its $12.7 million awarded in academic college scholarships last year.

So as we pause for a moment to remember that we are completing another school year and to catch a glimpse of summer fun, let us be cautious of pausing too long because there are still several important weeks of school. Students, parents, and teachers alike must rise to the challenge of these final days of the school year. There are no instructional days that one can label as unimportant or expendable. Last days are as important as first days. The waning days of the semester can and do have enormous impact upon a student's impression of a teacher and a teacher's impression of a student.

Please advise your son or daughter to finish this school year in a strong fashion, completing all assignments and projects and studying diligently for late May and June exams.

Have a restful summer!


Mike Sig transparents

Michael R. Winters



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