Herald 2012 December 13

Volume V Issue 4 | December 13, 2012

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Christmas Choir Concert  — December 13

Winter Core Exams— December 18-20
1:00PM Dismissal

CHRISTMAS BREAK December 21-January 2


2PM DISMISSAL January 10
Faculty Meeting

Vocations Awareness Day — January 11
Through Religion Class

Senior Kairos Retreat January 13-16

Jostens Class Ring Fitting — January 16
During Lunch

1PM DISMISSAL January 17

End of 2nd Quarter/1st Semester January 18
15 Hours of Service Due


We recommend that you access the school's ONLINE CALENDAR for a complete listing of school and athletic activities.  This calendar is kept current with changes as they are made.



Since September 2011, Principal Mike Winters, with the assistance of secretaries Cindy Goodburn and Ilona Ferris, is in charge of reviewing student absences.  

As stated in the Student Handbook, teachers are required to record student absences, even if they know why a student is absent, and they are required to notify parents with a form letter when the absences total 5 or more.  

The purpose of the form letter is to inform the parents and provide uniformity and consistency.

Please note:

1. Students are considered either present or absent.

2. Parents need to call Mrs. Goodburn in the morning to report a student’s absence and to follow this up with an email, written note, or doctor’s office note.  

3.    The phone call and the notes do not “excuse” the absence. The absence is still counted as an absence. Parent communications are evidence that the parent is aware of the absence and are reviewed if the number of absences totals 5 or more.

4.    Emailing or calling the guidance counselor or teachers is helpful for them in working with your student, but contacting them does not take the place of the phone call to Mrs. Goodburn and the note or doctor’s excuse.  

5.    Mr. Winters, along with Mrs. Goodburn and Mrs. Ferris, regularly reviews student absence records and the list of parent emails, notes, or doctor’s office notes.

At the end of the quarter, Mr. Winters, not the teachers, determines whether a student’s absences over 7 constitutes an attendance problem and endangers the student’s quarter grade or if the absences are excused.