Current Students

Dear Parents, Guardians and Current Students:

This August, Bishop Hartley will open its doors for the fifty-sixth year with the same resolve in Catholic education as in year one.  Over the years, the spirit and tradition that is our school have played a key role in shaping the educational experience of our young people.  Each class profits from the example of those who have gone before them.  Ours has been a tradition of students committed to the proposition that the privilege of coming to our school carries with it the obligation to do the best they can.  Our school, from its foundation, has stressed academic excellence … in this there is no compromise or change.

We live daily in appreciation of the service and sacrifices by our community members and our own commitment to the six pillars of Bishop Hartley High School: Faith, Preparation, Community, Service, Spirit, and Leadership.… and to the Catholicity, values, and hard work that have become woven into the fabric of our school.  There is a genuine and palpable excitement about the growth and vision of Bishop Hartley, and with your vigilance we can continue to move forward in all aspects of our school. 

This year’s theme taken from Corinthians has been chosen to emphasize the need for students, parents,  teachers and alumni to recognize the unique and special gifts that the Holy Spirit has given to each one of us.  And in placing ourselves at the disposal of those less fortunate use those gifts in the service of others.  Providing this kind of service will certainly put our faith in concrete form.  Remember the admonition of St. James – “Faith without good works is dead.”

Michael R. Winters