Technology makes life easier and your tablet is a wonderful tool for you. No lugging around 20 lbs. of books, forgetting an important book at school, accidentally doodling in your chemistry book….

But with this privilege comes responsibility. Every student is expected to be in compliance on their tablet, to protect it from damage, and to stay current on updates. The specifics of your obligations were included in the tablet contract you signed at the beginning of the year. But, in case you’ve forgotten, here’s a friendly reminder.

Compliance on school issued tablets is mandatory. Students must be in compliance all day, every day.

If students are found to be not in compliance, their tablet will be remotely locked with the possibility of being reset. Resetting the tablet could cause students to lose documents or notes which have not been saved to the cloud or elsewhere.

ALMA Learning Management System

In the fall of 2017 Bishop Hartley High School switched to a new Learning Management System called ALMA. This system replaces BUZZ and affords more access by parents than the prior system. The school will generate a parent account based on the email provided through final forms. An email will come directly from ALMA with instructions on logging into and viewing your student’s work and progress. If you have not received the ALMA email by Wednesday, September 6, 2017 please verify that you have provided an email address. Click here for direct access to final forms. You can access ALMA from the top header menu on our website, or through Current Students and Current Parents.