Student Services

Our commitment to supporting each and every student in reaching his or her fullest potential is evidenced in the academic student support services we offer. A full menu of student guidance and counseling services are provided by our team of three certified, experienced school counselors. A full-time school psychologist is available every day to help students facing larger challenges. Our student services are rounded out with Hartley’s unique programs including our lunch intervention program, Notre Dame Program and designated enrichment period. Clearly, the resources we allocate to student services align with our commitment to educating the mind, body, and spirit.

Notre Dame Program
The goal of our program is to coordinate support for students on a Services Plan, Academic Support Plan, or Medical Plan. The Notre Dame team consists of two licensed Intervention Specialists who work closely with each student who is a part of the program. The team also collaborates with the school counselors and school psychologist to track student progress, enable teachers to address specific needs, provide accommodations, and communicate with parents. Our program is tailored to individual student needs while creating a learning community in which students feel familial support. For more information about the services and accommodations the Notre Dame Program provides please contact Cara Rezabek at

We also offer an additional period for enrichment called SEEK (Students Extending and Enhancing Knowledge). This optional period provides a time in which students can meet with teachers.

For a complete list of student services offered at Bishop Hartley, click HERE.