Academic Policies


Report Cards

Reports of academic progress are made four times during the year at Bishop Hartley.  These reports are mailed home each quarter by the school office.

Progress Reports (Interims)

Students and parents will be able to access a student’s grades as they are posted on BrainHoney.  Students are given a password the first week of school so that they can access these grades as well as their daily posted homework.  Parents will be reminded to check student progress on BrainHoney at mid-quarter.  These “Interim Report” dates are on the Master Calendar.  See the master calendar for these dates.

Grading System

The following are the criteria for grades at Bishop Hartley:

A     93-100  4.00       C     73-76         2.00
A-    90-92    3.70       C-   70-72          1.70
B+   87-89    3.30       D+  67-69          1.30
B     83-86    3.00       D    65-66          1.00
B-    80-82    2.70       F     Below 65    0.00
C+   77-79    2.30

A        90-100    4.00            C+    73-76        2.30
A-       87-89      3.70            C      70-72        2.00
B+      83-86      3.30            C-     67-69        1.70
B        80-82      3.00            D      65-66        1.00
B-       77-79      2.70            F       Below 65  0.00

Grade Point Average for All Courses except Foreign Language

The year average for each course is calculated in the following manner:

Semester Course:  

First Quarter          40%
Second Quarter    40%
Semester Final      20%

Year Course:  

First Quarter          20%
Second Quarter    20%
Semester Exam    10%

Third Quarter        20%
Fourth Quarter     20%
Semester Exam    10%

Foreign Language Courses

The Foreign Language Department assesses student progress using the national standards of the American Conference of Teachers Foreign Languages (ACTFL).  Students must demonstrate proficiency in each of four separate areas – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking – in order to receive credit and move to the next level.

Because this assessment format is unfamiliar to many, we have developed a separate handout that explains assessment, evaluation and grading for the 2014-2015 school year.  Each student in a Foreign Language class will receive this handout; each student will receive instruction to understand this system; each student will be required to obtain his/her parent’s signature indicating that it was shared at home.  (Additional copies will be available throughout the year from the School Counseling Office and the Department Chair.)

The grade point system and requirements for receiving credit as outlined in the handout should be considered school policy and not subject to change/omission unless approved by the principal.

Grade Point Average for French and Spanish Courses

The cumulative grade for Novice and Intermediate Levels of French and Spanish courses for each of the four skills, Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening are calculated in the following manner:

Cumulative Reading Grade    25%          Cumulative Reading Grade        25%
Cumulative Writing Grade        25%       Cumulative Writing Grade        25%
Cumulative Speaking Grade    25%        Cumulative Speaking Grade        25%
Cumulative Listening Grade    25%        Cumulative Listening Grade        25%
First Quarter Grade                                   Second Quarter/Semester Grade

Cumulative Reading Grade    25%          Cumulative Reading Grade        25%
Cumulative Writing Grade        25%       Cumulative Writing Grade        25%
Cumulative Speaking Grade    25%        Cumulative Speaking Grade        25%
Cumulative Listening Grade    25%        Cumulative Listening Grade        25%
Third Quarter Grade                                 Fourth Quarter/Year End Grade

*It is important to note that quarter/semester grades reflecting the four combined skills DOES NOT GUARANTEE issuance of credit.

**In order to receive credit for any of the French and Spanish Courses and to move on to the next level, student must demonstrate proficiency in each of the four language skills, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, by earning a minimum 81% cumulative grade in each skill at the end of the school year.

Grade Point Average for Latin Courses

The cumulative grade for the Novice and Intermediate Levels of Latin courses for both skills of Reading and Writing are calculated in this manner.

Cumulative Reading Grade    50%            Cumulative Reading Grade       50%
Cumulative Writing Grade     50%            Cumulative Writing Grade        50%
First Quarter Grade                                      Second Quarter/Semester Grade

Cumulative Reading Grade    50%            Cumulative Reading Grade       50%
Cumulative Writing Grade     50%            Cumulative Writing Grade        50%
Third Quarter Grade                                    Fourth Quarter/Year End Grade

*It is important to note that quarter/semester grades reflecting both of the combined skills DO NOT GUARANTEE issuance of credit.

**In order to receive credit for any of the Latin Courses and to move on to the next level, student must demonstrate proficiency in both language skills, Reading and Writing, by earning a minimum 81% cumulative grade in each skill at the end of the school year.

Physical Education Requirement

All students are required by law to earn ½ credit in Physical Education.  A student is excused from Physical Education participation only upon written notice of the family doctor.

Academic Probation

Students who earn below a 2.0 G.P.A. at the end of each quarter will be subject to review by the administration and guidance department for determination of the appropriate intervention measures.

A student whose cumulative G.P.A. at the end of the year is below 2.0 may return to Bishop Hartley on a conditional basis only.  In order to remain enrolled, the student must improve sufficiently to achieve this requirement.  Any student who fails Religion during the school year, and either does not take or fails Religion in the summer, will not be readmitted to Bishop Hartley in the fall.  In addition, any student who fails Religion two consecutive academic years may not readmitted to Bishop Hartley the following fall.

Incomplete Grades

At the end of the quarter, a grade of “Incomplete” is given for missing work due to an excused absence.  This work may be made up upon the student’s return to class.  As a rule, in cases of extended absence, no more than one week will be allowed for students to make up such work.  (See also Make-up Study after Absence.)

  • Work missing due to absence or failure to meet course requirements may not be made up.  Such work is considered as failure when averages are computed.
  • Students who miss more than 7 classes per quarter in any subject will receive a failing grade of no higher than 64% for that quarter in that subject.
  • Enrollment for the next grade level requires completion of all required course failures (including Religion) prior to re-admission to Bishop Hartley.

Full-Time Student

A full-time student is one who is:  a traditional student taking at least 5 classes during the day at Bishop Hartley; a vocational student taking his/her required courses at Bishop Hartley; or a student taking college courses but receiving high school credit for them by Bishop Hartley.

Recognition for Academic Achievement

Each quarter the Honor Roll publishes the names of those students who have excelled by achieving a G. P. A. of 3.5 or above and
whose conduct grade is 85 or above.

NHS Guidelines for the BHHS Student Handbook (Revised June 2013)


Membership in National Honor Society is an honor bestowed upon students who have demonstrated exceptional scholarship, leadership, service, and character.  Members are expected to continue to excel in these areas after induction. Students do not apply for positions in the society; rather, sophomores and juniors who meet the academic criteria of a 3.500 cumulative GPA are invited to submit additional information and then are evaluated by the Faculty Council, consisting of five faculty representatives approved by the Principal and moderated by the NHS Faculty Advisor.  If the Faculty Council decides, by majority vote, that exceptional and consistent service, leadership, and scholarship have been clearly demonstrated, the candidate will be invited to be inducted into the Bishop Hartley Chapter of NHS. The chapter meets at least once per month and participates in additional projects that serve both the school and the surrounding community.

Selection for membership is a privilege and not a right; it is based upon the following criteria.  Each candidate must:

  • be a sophomore or junior in good standing;
  • have at least one semester of residency at Hartley. This will be waived if the student has already been inducted into NHS at another school (written verification needed);
  • have earned and hold a 3.500 cumulative GPA;
  • complete and submit the Candidate Form;
  • provide clear evidence of exceptional, significant, sincere, and consistent voluntary service to the community;
  • be evaluated by the entire faculty on the basis of demonstrated leadership and character;
  • be recommended by majority vote of the Faculty Council after consideration of demonstrated leadership, service, and character.


Once inducted, members of the National Honor Society are expected to maintain the excellence that earned them membership in the organization.  Specifically, members are expected to maintain a minimum 3.500 cumulative GPA and to document a minimum of 30 hours of approved and verified community service during each calendar year.  Additionally, members are expected to attend all chapter meetings, the dates of which are announced in advance, in order to participate fully in the life of the chapter.  Membership requires active commitment from all who are selected and violations of the chapter Bylaws could result in revocation of membership.

The National Honor Society Constitution and the Bylaws for the Bishop Hartley Chapter are available on the school website and from the Chapter Advisor.  Clarification is available throughout the school year by contacting the Chapter Advisor.

Transfer Credit Policy

When necessary, adjustments in credit requirements will be made for students who transfer to Bishop Hartley.

In order for appropriate course selection to be determined, a student who enrolls at Bishop Hartley is required to have a current transcript and standardized test performance scores on file.

Religion Requirement Transfer Policy

Any student transferring to Bishop Hartley High School after the ninth grade from another Catholic high school must have passed his or her religion credit requirement or successfully complete Religion in summer school in order to be admitted to Bishop Hartley.


Advanced Placement and Honors Courses

Honors level courses are offered in Science 9, Biology, Chemistry, U.S History, Physics, English 9-12, and Mathematics 9-12.

Advanced Placement courses are offered in Art, American History, Calculus, English Language and Composition, and English Literature and Composition, and Biology.

Dual Enrollment Programs with Ohio Dominican University, The Ohio State University, and Columbus State are currently available through the Post-Secondary Option Program (see page 12 for details)

Notre Dame Program

The goal of the Notre Dame Program is to coordinate support for students with service plans or academic support plans.  The Notre Dame team consists of the Intervention Specialist, part-time tutor, reading specialist, school counselors and the school psychologist who will work together to track student progress, enable teachers to address specific needs, and communicate with the parents.

Students in our Catholic feeder schools on service plans or academic support plans are automatically accepted to Bishop Hartley with conditions.  Before acceptance is confirmed, parents of a student with special needs must meet with representatives of the Intervention team to discuss their student’s educational plan in order to determine if Bishop Hartley can provide the support system necessary to ensure their student’s success.

Catholic students attending Parish Schools of Religion who have service plans and academic support plans at their public schools may be considered for admission if:

  • The school has openings in the class;
  • The student meets the general criteria for Admissions; and
  • After consultation with the parents, it is determined that Bishop Hartley can provide the support system necessary to ensure the student’s success.

At this time, the Notre Dame Program is not open to students who do not meet the above criteria.

St. Thomas Aquinas Program

Through screening and assessments, gifted students are placed in the STA Program to provide access to critical resources and a productive outlet for their gifts. This program is student-designed goal-oriented free-time participation.

Intervention for Students Failing Portions of the Ohio Graduation Tests

Bishop Hartley’s faculty and school counselors are committed to providing intervention opportunities and advice for students who need to pass one or more of the Ohio Graduation Tests.  The school will

1.             use the results of the OGT, 8th grade Terra Nova scores, classroom assessments and teacher and counselor input to
design the focus of the student’s remedial practice;
2.            provide tutoring in several formats to meet the needs of the student; and
3.            provide guidance to families about home support.


Required Credits

English 4
Mathematics 4
Science 3
Social Studies 3
Religion 4
Health 0.5
Physical Education 0.5
Art (visual or performing) 0.5
Electives 3.5
Minimum credits required for graduation     23

In order to receive a diploma from an accredited school, all students must take Algebra II and pass any state mandated Algebra II assessment.

In addition, students must pass the reading, writing, math, science and social studies sections of the Ohio Graduation Test.